Hello Esties,

Anyone out there that can advise on the best type of wax to use for eyebrow removal and facial hair removal. I want my clients to be comfortable as much as possible. I am new at waxing I am speciaized in eyebrow and eyelash extensions and now will be adding eyebrow waxing, sculpting to my menu services. Thank you so much in advanced!


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I love NuFree soft wax which is very gentle. It is expensive so I usually only use it on face and bikini. Also Universal Companies has a Plum soft wax that I was recently introduced to that glides on thin, sparkles and smells like grape soda! Works wonderfully.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot!

Relax n wax has great products!

I have had good success with Beelicious wax.  I like their pumpkin pie hard wax for the face (and I use it for bikinis and brazilians also).  Have you heard of the Wax Chick?  It's her wax. 

The Wax  Chick I dont think so?

I love NUfree and Cerapil

We use Satin Smooth at school and I love it.

I prefer using hard wax on the more sensitive areas of the body. (face and bikini) Its also more precise when it comes to perfect shaping on the brows. I used soft wax when i was first starting but from experience the hard wax works nicely. Waxxxpress is my personal favorite ! If you provide them with your license number they'll send you a free full sized pot of wax! Good luck!


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