What continuing education class have you resently attended and how did you like it?

I attended The Wax Show in Ontario, CA this past weekend, and enjoyed the continuing education on waxing technique as well presentations on other skin care and business related topics. I definitely picked up a few new tips!

Would you like to share anything you've recently learned that you're eager to try out?! Knowledge is power!

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In May I attended the 2 day ICES show in Dallas, mainly to see Lori Nestore, the Wax Queen, got to see 2 of the waxing demo's got there plenty early for front row seats.. A few weeks ago she also came to San Antonio so spent 2 days with hands-on the second day. I thought she was awesome and well worth the time and money. Last week I took a PCA advanced Peels class and that was great. I also just got certified in Face Reality Acne Clinic's program and just got my product today. Excitement all the way around! Now, I get to really study all this great info.

Being licensed for a year next month I was so glad I could do these classes, and start putting them to good use right away! School is just the beginning! At least my school was.


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