What courses would you like see taught for advanced education in skin care?

I am always searching for what classes Estheticians are looking for in the industry.  What would you like to see offered?  What area of skin care are you looking for further education in? 

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Thanks Natalie!  These are all fabulous ideas.  At our Advanced Institute (Face Forward) we do offer some of these courses, and I am sure we will be adding more based off the replies we get.  Your input is greatly appreciated!www.faceforwardinc.com

I would love to find laser classes.  I know the manufacturer educates people, but I would like to be able to try out different onces and learn how they work, before investing in just one and only learning from them. 

the aesthetic science institute offers laser cert class, it can be combined with their paramedical aesthetic course. seven days total

located in latham ny

I am always interested in acne and chemical peel classes. I love learning more about that

Brazilian Waxing

Technology, not machine specific.

For Micro-current I know that Jane Mann offers training in this that is not machine specific, but she is one of the few.

I took a course at IDI several years ago for machine technology but it was all theory no hands on. Focus was primarily on High Freq and Galvanic - at that time little info was given on LED or microcurrent.

And laser is out of scope of practice for Estheticians. If physicians want to use estheticans as laser techs then it is up to them to provide adequate education.

in ny aestheticians may use lasers. 

ive been waiting for circadia institute to do the cosmetic chem class.  would love oncology aesthetics, and aroma theraphy.  oh, and an ayurvadic class

IDI is having an oncology esthetics course in the next few weeks.  May want to check into that. 

where is it.

You would have to check their website to find the location closest to you and when they are having it.  International Dermal Institute or Dermalogica.com. 

Estheticians can use laser in PA under the direction of a physician on site.  Many medi-spas have this set up and many do laser treatments in this setting in PA.  I'd love to just have a class in how it works, with maybe a little hands on, as I'm sure all lasers are very specific and getting the education from the manufacturer is probably the safest bet.  


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