Hi everybody. I am new in this business and I would be grateful for some tips in  what is the best ensurance for an individual licensed aesthetician (not working for a Spa or somebody else). Thank you

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Hi!  I use the liability insurance provided by my membership to ASCP.  Do you have that? 

ASCP! Best around.

The ASCP is a great company.  If you are like me, I like to shop around.  This time I didnt have time & just went with this but I have used Marine Life Agency in the past & remember them being v. reasonable.  This company is nice because of all the benefits too!  You get a discount with some other merchants including 25% off pre-paid packages with constant contact as well as discounts on attorneys etc. 

Reading the ASCP liability insurance info looks great. I did not choose yet anything. I just try to find out this month what the best to get it from the 1April is. Before I was covered by the school insurance, and for moment I work only on my family members and good friends, but starting with 1 April I want to work on other clients to.

We do have great coverage to help protect yourself! Beyond just the insurance, you also get access to all sorts of extra benefits like a free website, discounts on business services and trade shows, a Skin Deep magazine subscription, and much more. Give us a call when you're ready, we'd love to talk to you about all the benefits of being an ASCP member! 800-789-0411


Abram Herman

Social Media Coordinator at ASCP



Thank you, Abram.

Do I understand correct that the insurance is included in the membership fee?

If I understood correct, than this sounds great.

Yep! The membership fee includes the liability insurance coverage, so you don't have to pay anything extra to be protected.

I totally agree with Jodi Braun....Insurance through ASCP is the best...


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