When can we start promoting peels or treatments for teenage acne/school

Hi Ladies,

It feels like fall here today and since it is right around the corner, when could we actually start promoting peels for sun damage, I'd like to start promoting skincare for teenagers w/acne yet I'm unsure if that is wise since it is still summer. I'd like to get them headed in the right direction before the school yr begins.

Any thoughts 

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I am working with teenage and other acne clients right now, and I'm in a very very southern climate.  I require *perfect* sunscreen adherence before I go into peels with them, and they know I can tell by identifying the stress on their skin if they are getting exposure.  I'm only peeling clients who I am certain are not getting exposed.  Anyone who I'm concerned about sun exposure with, they are getting softening enzymes and extractions. 


Anytime. :)) All the time. :))

As Christine points out, look at what can and does go wrong, multiply by 10 and that is what could happen when dealing with teens. Write out a very strict pre and post peel waiver which needs parent signature and go from there.

There is also nothing wrong with waiting till AFTER summer.  Sun Damage and Acne are year round issues normally but again your marketing should always be touching on all the services you offer.




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