Hello all, 

I come here often to look for advice, tips or things that are working for all of you that I may implement into my own practice. However i find that people don't post very often on here. It's few and far between. own a small waxing studio, in California... and I'm always looking for great ways t improve, or offer advice that has worked for me. How do you all keep in contact with other people in your field? Do you have a strong community with others in the field? Just looking to build a strong community. 

Thanks so much! Hope to hear from everyone soon. 

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I also own a small waxing studio, but in Oregon :-) 

I feel like I have the same issue....I just have a few old classmates that I keep in contact with on Facebook. 

I feel the same and have been looking for groups and forums for a while now. I feel like my hair stylists friends have so many continuing ed options, forums, etc compared to us! I haven't had much luck with finding other forums or groups via google searches or asking friends. 

I have a small waxing studio in Oklahoma. As far as continuing ed or advice, I've attended a couple of trade shows and have a few esthetician friends I've met over the years, but that's about it. I also try to check out waxing studios whenever I travel. This is handy because it makes your trip business related (write off) and allows you to experience techniques and products outside of your area/market. 

Would anyone be interested in starting a facebook or reddit group for licensed estheticians? Or something along those lines that can be moderated?

Looking forward to hearing from everyone. 

Are either of you on any of the professional Facebook groups like Esthetician Connection, Aestheticians Connect, Solo Esthetician, Esthetician Think Tank, Waxaholics and so many more. I'm a solo esti and just discovered these groups last October. I have found new equipment, education and products. Some of them have feature products/events and we are able to purchase at a discount. I'm able to ask a question to a group of our peers and learn so much from their responses. I have learned and grown my business more in the past 6 months then I have in my entire career and I thought I knew alot lol! It's what I have been missing being on my own for 5yrs. They usually require a copy of your license because it's just for professionals like us. Feel free to friend me on Facebook! ☺

Thank you, Jennifer!

Thank you for the info, Jennifer!! I'm really excited to check out these groups.

Thanks Jennifer for the info. I am going to check out those leads. I hope I can keep in contact with some of you ladies encouragement & advice is always something appreciated.


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