Where's the Loyalty? Extremely irritated with esthetic lines.

There's seems to be a shift that has occurred recently in our business and I'm not too happy about it. I came to this realization as I was walking through my local mall and noticed that an Aveda "store" is scheduled to open up across from Sephora who carries traditionally esthetic lines such as Glymed and Murad.

What I don't understand is how they justify expecting line loyalty from us and only selling backbar and pro-only products if we buy into their line, then deciding to by-pass us completely and sell directly to the consumer despite that we've spent several thousand purchasing into their line. Does this mean they're going to sell professional backbar to us without requiring commitment? Because I would be totally cool with their "stores" if I can walk into a local beauty supply and get my backbar like hairstylists do.

And also...stop calling yourself "professional" if you're no longer requiring "professionals" to sell your product...Ulta and Dermalogica that means YOU.

SORRY RANT OVER. I'm fully expecting to be able to get my favorite Decleor Deep Cleanser, Dermalogica Multi-vitamin Peel, and H2t pumpkin mask wherever supplies are sold. I should be able to mix and match my favorites too.

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Way old post, thought I would make a comment...


I thought I would comment on this because I find this one is funny and thought I would help many of you women out on your shopping as well:

Nordstrom Rack is a department store and NOT a re-seller of close outs from Nordstrom. I know for a fact 100% that you can buy a pair of denim jeans that are current season and current fits and fashion (or as Nordstroms calls them: replenishment) at the Rack. The ONLY difference is where they are mfgr'd (i.e. US vs Mexico). With that said there is a buyer at The Rack who is buying from a women who sits 20 feet away from another women who is selling to Nordstrom main store and that girl is sitting 10 feet from the girl who is selling the same pair of jeans to your local specialty store (i.e. you know the one owned by a mom and her daughter who are located in a small strip mall) and wouldn't you know it... all three are located in a showroom in Los Angeles off LA and 8th or 9th.  They are all selling from the same batch of goods...Hahaha

The point is: Nordstrom rack was called on by Dermalogica's sales department and Nordstrom Rack decided to buy it and see how it sold. Last time I was in The Rack I saw skin care. 

It is all about the dollars these days for sure...



Hi Marty

Not sure why the need to explain about Nordstrom Rack. I don't think anyone is many a point about the actual stores, but about the so-called professional product. Dermalogica is not a professional line anymore. They were supposed to sell to retailers who ALSO offered skin care services. Nordstrom's Rack does not offer skin care services. 

... I just thought a forum like this with 99% women might enjoy the knowledge for future shopping days. haha. But... Note to self:  Do not do that.

With that said it is known they do not offer services, of course, but the fact that Dermalogica is sold to schools and taught in schools implies 'Professional'. They should reconsider there position.



agreed 100%

I am with you!!!

Samantha - I couldn't agree more with you earlier comment about "stores" and being able to walk into a PROFESSIONAL ONLY store to purchase your backbar or even retail products.  Hair distributors have done this for years but with no attention paid to skincare.  So I opened one.  Esthetique Solutions has our first store in Denver where estheticians can walk in a speak with a fellow esthetician and purchase everything for their practice - skincare (Circadia, Techniche and others), wax, disposables and specialty items like teeth whitening and tanning.  We are only successful if we help our clients be successful - I'd love some feedback as to what else others would like to see at a store and where else you would like one. 

I too found myself frustrated when I found out that GloMinerals started selling their products in Ulta but then I dropped them and am now private labeling my own make-up and I also don't think that competition should be the issue to me quality is my main goal in the industry anyone can have and offer products rather it be OTC or professional if you give a quality of products that produce results instead of promises then you will have loyal clients....I do have to admit that I am with a DS skincare company and have been for 2yrs now why you ask is because to date I still haven't found another product that gives the results as these do they are 100% pure pharmaceutical grade aloe based and you see and feel results in 4 to 5 days....and continue to achieve results no I haven't built a team and really am not obligated to so it is all how you look at it I guess as said I too at first was aggravated and frustrated but I went another route and also like the professional only spray tan solution it will never be sold in stores for public to purchase and also can be private labeled as well as mentioned quality is my goal not quantity and when you set that goal nothing around you will matter because you know you have done in depth research of ingredients in products that are good or bad and you weeing out the ones that have bad and stick with the good that give you quality results....As far as Murad Demalogica, Peter Thomas Roth and many more never have given quality results in my books I have used them and most clients these days want products that don't require a series of treatments they start searching else where so in my line I give results and quality without having to drag out treatments just maintence once a month or 3 months.....I also found that some clients will venture off but they will always come back if you have quality services you offer as well as product....because they wont find it in ULTA or any other store not even AVEDA I attened AVEDA their products can't give results over a short period of time infact even long period of time there is NO professional only products they have that product results..... Also people are wanting less steps to achieve results and that I do offer in the DS skincare products as well as tanning and make-up also the make-up I am private labeling will never sell to big stores like ulta nor ds


A lot of views and posts on this one.  Hot topic!

Samantha, as a mfgr/educator and have my hands on chemical peels and a very results driven line (I read all the posts here) I would like to say this:

There is a tremendous amount that a mfgr can do to make things easier and a win/win for both and they are:

1. No minimums

2. Tell you that their product CAN be used with any other skin care line (as long as education is there) because if they say otherwise they are telling a lie. We are talking regimen skin care and NOT M.D. prescriptions.

3. Do not sell to retail without M.D. or Esty license on wall

4. Do not sell online.

(To other post)

With that said, I would like to add to what Christine is saying... if you take a basic AM and PM regimen how many ingredients is the client applying and count all duplicates as one.  If it adds up to over 350 it might be time to seek another line or reduce products.  I shoot for under 200 and feel that is a pretty good goal.

Looking into the deck past the first 10 or so puts those ingredients at such a small amount it might not matter to concern yourself with them.  Most ingredient decks with over 25 - 30 are inside the deck to drive the price up on the buyer.  That is how the chemists make money, it is the number of ingredients and also the percentage of the active and how many actives but to a large part how many ingredients make up the base.

With regards to original point directly: What you use on the back bar is complimented by what the client uses at home so how can there be a difference.  Would I sell to an Esty who I know is selling pro back size to retail clients?  Never. So why would I sell retail size direct via retail or online to that same client and go around the esty.  The back bar is the same as the front end but only in different sizes and I am thinking you think they are different.  For me, they are not. (Sorry if I am not understanding)

But oh ya.... I know this much to your point: 

1. Charge the esty a huge opening order

2. Charge them for education

3. Tell them they cannot use my line with any other

4. Then after they have educated their clients and trained them and all the rest of the hard work.  I will go and then sell direct at the higher margin and make more money.

What a @#$%^! thing to do to a person who has to work THEIR #$%^ off to make a living!



My product line is Eminence Organics out of Hungary, and they would NEVER open a mall outlet! Find a line you trust and believe in, and stick with that loyalty!
The training is ongoing, the products are water free....as we all know, water rots botanicals, which, if water is the number 1 ingredient, many preservatives must be added to add shelf life. Look at some of the high priced over the counter products at Nordstroms or even some professional lines where water is the number one ingredient.....yuk!
People want pure, Organic, results oriented products. I have a few other peels that I use, however, Eminence is the reason I am in business.......fabulous! Also love their new mineral make up line, as do my clients. I put in a new make up bar to offer add ons following the facial and sell a lot of great products!
Thanks for the chat with other skin care professionals,
Karen Keady, NCEA certified Esthetician, Essentials skin care,
Sisters Oregon

I agree with you on your rant! And this is why I specifically chose Glymed for my professional skincare line.  They are not retailed in Sephora or any other such retailer.  Glymed is strict about only selling to professionals and driving all end consumer requests back to us, the professionals.  They also closely monitor online sales for discounting.  I love that.  I want my clients to purchase from me, not be educated by me to go home and purchase online.


What Sephora have you seen Glymed Plus in? I'm just curious, because I do consider Glymed Plus a Professional only line, meaning sold only by professionals. I understand that in today's times, the general consumer can purchase through Amazon many "professional" lines and other stores, where the products may be discounted. The quantity of these products are sold by the 1000s. I do know that there are only a few Professional only lines that fight daily with companies like Amazon to keep their lines of the internet. Glymed Plus is one of them. I value the integrity of the product and yes I am a Business Coordinator for GlyMed Plus, but I am also a licensed Master Esthetician and Esthetic Instructor. I want to be the one to educate my client on proper homecare and clinical care and I want to know that when my client purchases his/her homecare, it is come with proper instruction. I don't want to put you on the defensive, but I am always seeking to make a wrong, right. So when I saw your comment about Glymed Plus sold in Sephora, I know for a fact, it is not. Feel free to rant, I love your passion, but I'll stand up for the fact that Glymed Plus is a Professional only line.

Good afternoon Samantha,

You should take a look at my line, Michele Corley Clinical Skin Care. 

We believe in providing results driven products at reasonable prices while delivering fast and friendly customer service. Our Skincare line offers both back bar and retail products, and we do not have minimums or piece requirements.

Michele Corley Clinical Skin Care products are not sold on line to protect your spa product sales. 

We take protecting your spa product sales one step further by offering private label; private label where you can change the name of the product and get a complete front and back label with your logo giving you real exclusivity.

Most of our customers enjoy a three to five time markup which has been a great contributor to additional profit and growth for their facilities. 

You can find a wealth of information on my website, www.michelecorleyclinicalskincare.com  

I would welcome a conversation to learn more about your business and goals and how we can benefit you.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or be of assistance in any way.

Michele Corley


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