Hi everyone! 

So currently I am in school for this and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on where to go for a job while I’m currently in schooL? Something part time or just on the weekends? I want to have as much experience as I can and be ahead of the game when I go out there for higher paying jobs! 

Thank you!


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Unfortunately the license is the key and you need that to touch someone in a public professional setting / business. So you might have a very hard time if not impossible time accomplishing your goal prior to graduation / passing state test.

Do this...

Go register on my site:  www.skincarescience.com and take a look at the education.  You do not ever have to buy my line.  I don't care if you do.  Seriously I don't. ;)

With that knowledge, my hope for you would be to achieve that higher paying job that you seek.  Best of luck to you and my advice is to do this:

Learn EXACTLY how the skin is formed and how it repairs itself and EXACTLY what the function is of each layer.  From there study how the skin absorbs and protects. 

Best of luck to you and based on your question, I am sure you will be very successful. ;)

Marty Glenn



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