Torn between the ones on and Shelley Hancock's. Anyone use either or both and can share info?

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I sold the dermafiles for about 7 years. Love them. I was just ready for something new. Same great exfoliation but now it's on a vibrating hand piece. The vibration just adds a different sensation to the client and a bit of stimulation. Both are great!

I'm having a hard time finding dermafiles online. Googling doesn't seem to provide the results I'm looking for. Any suggestions for places to comparison shop, although your dermadisc is intriguing, I'd like to look at both.



I don't know who is selling them any more. I haven't stayed up with it....sorry.

I recently got my dermafile from Cheryl Miller who owns The Zen Institute in Seattle. You can see it on the website but to order you'll need to call or message her.
I absolutely love my dermafile, I got the corse one.


Before you decide to purchase a Dermafile please consider looking at youtube videos that showcase how to do the procedure and also watch dermaplane videos as well.  What I want you to pay attention to is the post inflammatory redness (I hate that other word - never can remember how to spell it) in the clients, users and how long it lasts.  Also, take a look at the non-pros and look at the skin tone and pigmentation associated.

These two procedures use different methods to get to the same goal but I think the end goal is more challenging to attain because of the very action of the procedure. Best of luck to you and if you notice in the videos what I do, than maybe its a great direction in the right hands under specific conditions and fitz types but another approach would be better or more suited for your clients.

Marty Glenn


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