I have been given the opportunity to do consultation work to develop a medi-spa practice. They have a few things in place (equipment, products, decor, software). I will be developing the business aspect of it (marketing, social media, training, hiring, flow of work, developing clientele, etc). I am done with the proposal, however, I need help coming up with a fair request for compensation. This is my first consultation job (and I plan to continue working on future ones) but I have no idea what to charge. Should it be per hour? Per each sub-project? Per consultation work? I live in Tampa, FL, so I guess that also influences what I would be charging? I need to have it ready by Monday. Any advice, help, suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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The only help I could offer would be my husband is a marketing consultant for various types of businesses. Not the beauty industry though. He's been doing it for several years and just went out on his own. His business is called Minock Marketing. I could ask him his thoughts if you'd think it would help you? We live in Islamorada, FL but most of his clients are out of state.

Hi Tiffany!

Thank you!, Yes, that would help greatly. I have no clue as to what anything would cost. I know how to do it :-) and I know how to put it in writing. I don't want to charge like a very experienced consultat would, but I don't want to undercharge either.

Thank you for offering!

I hope this helps...my husband suggests charging between 75.00-125.00 per hour given all the info you gave me. Best of luck and let me know if there is anything else I can help with... though I'm not much on this. ;)

Sounds excellent! Will work on that. I am so excited!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Lower than the industry standard & not far below. Excited for you !!!!
Your very welcome!!!


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