I'm SO confused regarding the CA law for Estheticians performing Brow & Lash tinting! If it's illegal for an Esthetician to perform any Brow or lash tinting in CA, than why are approx. 80% of licensed Estheticians doing this service? ..and not just independent estheticians, but very reputable spas, with no Cosmetologist employed, are offering tinting. Why is this law not being enforced by CA Board Board? I'm shocked that tinting services are listed on so many spa service menus and no one is questioning? My clients would all like me to at least Brow tinting and they are also confused when I tell them that they have been receiving illegal services by CA estheticians in the past. Why are so many performing Brow & Lash tinting knowing it's illegal and not getting caught by State Board? I also heard that it's LEGAL for CA Estheticians to do Brows only with an "all Natural" tint, such as Intensives brand. Can you confirm this? Sorry for so much detail - but there's so much talk in CA about this and no one seems to know the true answers. Thanks!

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Hi Cindy,

It is confusing. There is so much going on in cali that it would take 3 pages to fill you in.

Email me or call me at sschmaling@ascpskincare.com  303-679-2173 and we can talk.


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