Can CA Esthetician perform semi-permanent mascara and semi-permanent eyeliner? I know we can do eyebrows tinting.

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Yes I think you can, you just won't be covered under anything to do with your Esthetic license.   Put it this can take a permanent makeup (tattoo) course and perform these services on the public regardless of if you are an Esthetician or not.  Your neighbour down the street might be a permanent tattoo artist without any license.  So if you were to do it, it would be an additional skill you had that wouldn't fall under your Esthetician license.   Unless somebody here can prove me wrong...then I am 99% certain this is factual.   ?????

Claire, thank you for your info. I took  1 day certified semi-permanent makeup class (included: semi-permant mascacra & eyeliner and semi-permanent eyebrows tattoo. They only last about 2-4 weeks before client has to come back for touch-up). My understand is that semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo is like tinting and in CA only cosmologists can perform eyebrows and eyelash tinting. Does that mean i can't do those services?


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