My husband recently went to the Derm and found out that the scales on his face were, in fact, Seborrheic Dermatitis. He prescribed a cream and shampoo but I was hoping to get some recommendations for treatment options that I can perform on him to help keep it at bay. Any suggestions ?

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Hi Jacquelyn,

I was just discussing this topic with a gentleman friend of mine. He had messaged me about his flakey inflamed skin around his nose, eyebrows, and chin crease. He explained that he has tried everything, but to no no avail.

My skin help alarm went off and the recommendations went into overdrive! Seborrheic Dermatitis is simply maintenance. A great at home skin care regimen and some dietary changes can ultimately make this annoying skin dandruff dilemma less of a thorn. Remember all products aren't created equal and it may take some trial and error to find the right ones for his particular skin. I personally like Paula's Choice Calm and Redness Relief (for norm. to oily skin) Cleanser, moisturizer, and starting out 2-3x a week with the 1% BHA Exfoliant. Use only lukewarm to cool water always! Gentle microfiber washcloth with cleanser in very gentle circular motion 2-3x a week for removing flakes. If he is feeling extra sensitive otc cortisone cream can help soothe the irritation. Of course if he is terribly reactive to any product discontinue and seek medical attention. I hope this helps...

:) Lisa

use the skin scrubber spatula and make some microdermabrasion treatments for him. Do not use peels until he finishes the dermatologist's treatment.


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