I was wondering have anyone here had any experience with layering peels in a treatment ? like glycolic & lactic ?  I have only been using peels for about 8 months and keep it pretty basic (stick to protocols) but I know there are all sorts of ways to use peels to get certain results if you have the right understanding, experience and maybe a little bravery . Your thoughts ? Try it or no way ?

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absolutely! I do it all the time.

You can layer the same peel for more depth or you can layer various types/strengths for various results. But, I would talk to the rep so that they can recommend how to best layer their peels.  With practice, you can eventually venture to being more brave. It takes practice to ensure no accidents :-)

Yes indeed. Layering peels takes a bit of know how and skill, but absolutely. My favorite is a Vitamin C Peel topped with a Pumpkin Glycolic Peel. Talk about baby smooth! 

Hello, Jonathan!   Which manufacturer are you using for the combo above?  Are they self neutralizing? I am certified in PCA peels along with IMAGE and Skin Scripts.... 


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