I am currently an esthetician student and my teacher has gotten a lot of product vendors in to speak with us about their products and give us some samples to try. The one that she has not been able to get to come in and visit with us yet is Glo Therapeutics. Does anyone know how to get a hold of a Rep for them or how to get a hold of some samples so we can try this product and see if we want to use it once we are out of school? Also, does anyone know if there is a set buy-in with this product line?

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There aren't any min orders for Glo, however, shipping is usually around $20 or more.  To get samples you have to order a certain amount of product, I think over $100 they will send you 5 and so on.  You can't buy samples from them that I am aware of.  If you contact their customer service they can probably put you in touch with a rep.  I opened my business last year with Glo but have decided to switch lines this year.  Their products are great, just being a small business it wasn't cost effective for me when I only needed to place small orders.  If you have other questions feel free to message me.

Thanks so much for the info Sheila!

Not sure if you are still wanting to check them out, but you can call their customer service and your area rep will send you a little sample kit with foundation, sunscreen, and lip gloss examples from the line. You get two types/colors of foundation so you can try it out. Mine were a lot darker than my very ivory skin so I looked very tanned for a day, but I got the feel of it. :) i like that they offer mega palettes with all eyeshadows and all powder foundations for kit use and demonstration purposes. i personally love their sunscreen and find it to be reasonably priced. I also like their mineral foundations, they are truly matte and have worked well for acne clients who want coverage but have traditionally had to cake on their makeup to get it. I haven't ordered a lot through them, just my initial order, though, so cannot speak to high shipping costs... that little surprise is awaiting me, I guess! :)


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