Hey ladies, so I had a client the other day who's eyes were blood shot red the next morning after doing her lashes. A bit swollen underneath, not on top. The swelling went down the next day and the red got better over a few days. I normally don't use the gel pads due to them sliding and I notice the gel coming out. BUT I chose to use them on this client due to her very thin skin under her eyes. I really don't think it was a reaction to the glue ( I use blink ultra plus glue) and never had this happen before. I also recall my moms eyes being red the next day and I happened to use them on her a little while back! Has anyone else's clients had any issue???


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What brand are u using!

They are from Lashbase.com No.1 Gel Pads, I believe


I have also had this happen often (red eyes and even under eye swelling) while doing lashes with some under eye gel pad brands more than others.  I even have had reactions from under eye pads that are suppose to be for sensitive skin.  I do use a cosmetic sponge and remove some of the excess gel from the under eye pad before removing the plastic backing by gently squeezing the under eye pad with a cosmetic sponge on the edge that is placed over the lower lashes before putting them on.  This does help a little.  Also constantly checking that the under eye pad hasn't moved into the eye while your working.  They are pretty annoying having to constantly check but I do like them better than using tape.  I really find that some brands are just better (having no reaction) than others so try switching to another and see how that works for you.  I like butterfly lash solutions lint free the best.  I have used xtreme lint free and xtreme hydrating.  Hope this helps and I would love to hear what other brands people would recommend!

I am new to this....still training with Minky's and they have the gel Pads, my first Model and my Boss has allot of allergies and asthma.  She never had any allergy to the gel pads...the trainer said if you get a reaction you will see it within 24 hours...they are on facebook and maybe you can ask on their page as well.

hope this helps and I am excited  to add this to our menu.

what do you guys charge for a full set and refills?

Annette B Costello

Philadelphia Pa

working in Newtown, Pa

That's good to know on the Minkys under eye pads! I have heard of them before and I believe I follow them but it's always nice to know others opinions on the products!

I charge 325 for a full set, 99 for 1 week refill or 1 hour, 135 for 2 week or 1.5 hours, 195 for 3 week or 2 hours. I have the hours because some clients lashes last longer than others and may come in at 3 weeks but only take a hour or less to do. Hope this helps and I'm new at this as well!
You might try Blink lint free pads .. I always check the pas before putting on as some have more gel than others .. Also if they're talkers the pad will move up and have to be repositioned .. So I'll tell them it's best to not talk and just enjoy the time to relax ..

What is the least amount of lashes you apply on each eye for a full set?

Tiff....where do you live?

Candy, I realized when I was practicing on my last model she kept opening her eyes and checking her phone.....how do you handle cell phones in the room...

I work in a spa and it is very relaxing, actually relaxing for me too.

We have hairstylists upstairs and the spa down stairs. The salon is located in a very large Athletic club (5000 members). just for a little back round,lol

Annette Costello

Philadelphia Pa

Urban Allure salon and spa

Newtown Athletic club

The least amount for a full set is no less than 60 for me. Unless they have very few lashes to apply too or have very difficult lashes to work with and take over 3 hours. In those cases I would be applying less for a full set but I haven't had that happen yet.

As for cell phones... I don't allow them. There is to much that could happen and I just explain that in the nicest way possible. Most spas don't allow them and I haven't had anyone have a problem with this.

I live in Islamorada, The Florida Keys and summer in Nantucket, MA.

Tiffany Minock
Morada Lash
Thanks for the feedback girls! I will give Minkies a try! I charge $125 for a full set and between $50-$80 fir fills depending on how many need filled and the time it takes me to do them. I live north of Pittsburgh Pa, and there are a few local salons that also do extensions for around the same price. Getting into the city you could pay upwards $300! Im right around 2 1/2 hours for a full set.
@Tiffany, I vacation in Marathon every year, love visiting Islamorada! You're so lucky to live there in the summer!!!

Just wanted to add, from my experience doing and teaching lashes for 11yrs now, I have noticed that a lot of eye gel pads have eye "treatments" in them. These can get into the eye while doing extensions and cause irritation because they are not made to hold bottom lashes down but provide an eye treatment. Also old glue can cause major irritation too. Glue should be kept in refrigeration between usage and be changed out every 6 months. Koji tape from PremierLash.com is my favorite go to along with their sensitive eye pad (no treatment product in them and stay in place great) Hope this helps :) Cameo (Admin)

Hello Cameo,

I looked at PremierLash.com. They have 2 different eye pads - Gel Eye Pads and Crescent Eye Pads. Which once do you prefer? Both of them are thin. And I worry about that.

They also have Silicone Isolation Pads. I never worked with them before. I wonder if it's worth trying.  

Thank you lot's!


Gel Eye Pads
Gel Eye Pads


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