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I'm am desperate to find a longer lasting glue! It feels like I'm having to do a full set at a 2 week fill (in order to make them flawless again)! I've tried 5 different adhesives over the last year, and I'm sure there is something better... I've heard there are lashes that can last up to a month without needing a fill, this would change my life! Please, share with me you're fav's! I need fast drying, low fume, super long lasting...  

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Have you tried any of the Blink glues from ilashstore.com? I think they are all great. The Flex Bond Xhot (59.99) is fast drying, med fume, long wear - depending on the client. I've worked with many of their glues and the Ultra X (29.99) is 2-3 seconds dry, low fumes. I want to try their Fina glue (39.99) next. I've found that one client can come in at 3 weeks with tons of retention (I had one client come in at 3 weeks after giving birth with like 75% retention) then another come in at 2 weeks with 30% retention! I still can't figure it out. But, when my glue hits the 3 month open mark, I have to toss it or it affects retention. I started charging based on retention no matter what week they are at. I've even considered offering no more fills and only new sets for the health of the lash (plus the time and product!) Good luck, hope this helps!! 

Hi Nicci!

Thanks so much for the input! I too, have come to the conclusion I need to start charging for the time it takes, but want to make sure my glue is the best it can be. I've purchased from ilashstore, but not the glues yet... I will definitely check them out! Thanks! Ps.I wish they were all full sets too :)

I have had great success with London Brow Adhesives. They carry both High Humidity and Low Humidity. Whatever your work environment, order the one that is the best fit. I keep both on hand. I live in Central Florida. My heat kicked on this morning so the humidity will be low in my room. I have a humidifier running to keep the % up to the ideal level. 

In the hotter months, my room will be very humid and I may need a dehumidifier to keep the room at a perfect %. 

Either way, London Brow Adhesives work like a charm. 

Good luck.

Hi Sharon!

I had no idea there were Low and High humidity adhesives! I am in Colorado (very low humidity!) and I have 2 humidifiers and my facial steamer running most of the time, just to get to 50%! Is London Brow associated with "Eyelashes in Kent"? I watch her on youtube!

Thanks for the input!



I keep both in stock. I have tried several adhesives and I find this brand by far the best. 

Also, I use a Nebulizer to cure. You might find that a Nebulizer could help you with adding some moisture to your lashes. 

oh if you like her videos on youtube, check out her facebook group Lash Tech Tutorials.  It is private and you pay for a suscription (i think $25 a month) for the group but it's seriously been invaluable to me...I have been on there for over a year and i still learn stuff, tons more videos and feedback, if you want a specific topic covered, she will go over it and do a video if needed.  

As far as glues... I use Lash Heaven's  Fierce adhesive... I happened upon it actually from that group, I was having issues with humidity too high, then too low... I wanted a really versatile glue and this is for 20-90%.  I am happy with the retention and once opened it lasts forever before going bad!  You do have to order from UK but the wait was like a week, and its really reasonable at $26...I order a few at a time and shipping isn't bad.  


Which 5 glues have you tried Heidi?
I started with NovaLash and do like it even though it is thicker than most. Their high speed adhesive is all I will use now. But I have only been using it on clients that request NovaLash because I've also been seeking better retention. SugarLash has been great for my volume lashes, the retention is awesome. But if I use it for classics, the retention is still good only I find it more 'crunchy' than NovaLash. You also have to have correct humidity or the 1-2 sec dry time glue will dry before it even gets to the lash. I'm giving True Love by Lash Affair a go now. I've heard good things, the price is good and it's in the U.S. (Unlike SugarLash and Loretta which I would love to try).
There are clients that no matter what you use will still need 2 week fills because of their high shedding cycle or lifestyle. But you shouldn't have to be doing a whole full set at 2 weeks. So I can see why you are searching!

Hi Talya!

I've mostly used Lash Savvy adhesives (company I trained with), and JB Lash, which was good, but not super long lasting... I definitely struggle with the humidity level here. I'm wondering, Do you use a sealant when finished?


No sealant. I do cure though for sure.


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