Problem Clients & Handling Them


Problem Clients & Handling Them

What are you best (worst) client stories?  Post them here, and say how it was handled and managed.  Let's hear it, and tell us what you would do!

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Comment by Nancy Young on March 6, 2012 at 3:38am
the girl had been shaving her brows so they were all in different lengths, and she didn't have a proper shaping or tweeze in probably at least 5 months. unbelievable the attitude, my guess is the gas prices is really putting a clamp on spending. i pointed out to her that I had to disinfect and clean the drape twice. she didn't tip either. i guess it's best to just let these people get some of their $ back. and that they don't come back? any one turn around a negative or unhappy client?
Comment by kathryn Barrel on March 1, 2012 at 6:19am

Nancy, in the past, in NY,  I had one similar to your second gal....She did not get her money back. She had come in only a month before, refused to get off of her cell while I was doing a facial wax.. my policy for them is, "If you are going to talk on your phone while i am waxing, do it as your own risk! I do not apologise for getting wax on a device that is in my way, and should be turned off." She came back that month later and demanded her $$ back.. a month? REally? All she needed was some wax off, good as new, and a reminder, again, that cell calls and waxing do not go hand in hand. I gladly handed her off to another esthie in town, by giving her the girls card, and suggesting that she might like to give this gal a try. What did she do?? THE very SAME thing!

Comment by Nancy Young on February 28, 2012 at 4:09am

Client that is always complaining or negative.  As in when I ask Are u ok on time?  No answer.  Are you ok on time, is your parking ok?  Her answer We have 3 hours of free parking here, are you going to take THAT long !?

Comment by Nancy Young on February 26, 2012 at 10:37pm

I also had a client today, who got up in the middle of a service because her boyfriend was texting her.  I told her to come back, and she agreed to a time.  She left to go meet him, attempted to leave without paying, until I stopped her and said she had to pay now, and I will see her later.  She complained to the cashier people that I left stray hairs on her brows.  I was nice, and kind to her anyway.  When she came back, she stopped texting, but she bought a hot dog with her, and continued to get bites out of it while I finished up.  she said sorry, she didn't eat all day.  I said that ok.  we finished up, and when she was leaving she turned to say, sorry about earlier today.  I said oh, don't worry about.  told her to have fun later at her party, she also said sorry to the cashier people.    

Unfortunately, she did't stop there.  She started to complain that she didn't think she got her money's worth, and it took so long, and that she didn't think the service she received was worth it.  Finally she got her $9 back from the cashier.

Comment by Nancy Young on February 26, 2012 at 10:30pm

I had a client that complained that I did not wax her toes, and the reason she asked for a full leg wax was because she wanted her toes waxed.  Have you heard this before, or does anyone include toes, when waxing the leg ?!


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