I love to use tea in my facials, especially green and herbal teas.  I used to infuse tea into my rinse water, but I feel it could be more soothing and beneficial after the exfoliation or peel.  I just can't figure out the best way to incorporate it.  I could soak my steam towels, but they really stain from it.  I would rather make a disposable compress with gauze or disposable wash cloth.  Anyone do any layering of the mask? Anyone have any suggestions?

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I like your idea.

What I have done with masks is to put a gauze soaked with pure rose water or orange blossom water (or any toner without alcohol) and then do high frequency over the gauze and mask, followed with ice globes. beautiful results.

Mmmm, sounds good. Yes, disposable compress, I'd say. Also, if you have a powder mask for the end, you could activate it with tea rather than water.

i like this idea too! :-)

Thanks ladies, good ideas.

I picked up tea and masques from Chodo-en the Tea Docents at a trade show and use them often.

They are compressed paper masques that you soak in the tea (the one I use is calle Stay Beautiful I think), open up and place on the face.

Great after microdermabrasion, or over serums. Sometimes I do a Green Tea Facial for a special!

oh thanks Cindy.  I just looked at their website.  Those blooming face masks are interesting.

Hey Cindy, thank you for your suggestion. I checked their website. LOVE IT!

This is a great thread. I am now working on "tea facial". How fun!!!

We are such geeks, arent' we? LOL

Yesterday I just soaked some 4x4s in the tea and kind of placed them on the face after the exfoliation, but it was not anything special lol

I love using tea in my bowl instead of water, soak 4x4s and cotton cloth mask sheets for application after exfoliation, even on top of clay mask the last 2-3 minutes. It's great to soak cotton rounds in tea as well as part of an eye treatment or use during the masking.  I've done this for about 3 years. I use green, black, and chamomile.  

Place a standard black tea like Lipton's, etc. in a small bowl of ice water for about 15-20 minutes. Gently squeeze the excess fluid out and use as eye treatments. The tannins in the tea will help relieve puffiness under the eyes and tone and tighten the delicate tissue. Very soothing!

You can use as eye treatment while masking the rest of the face, or place under the goggles when doing an LED light treatment.


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