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I have been using Yonka and I like the line for home use, however, I would love to try RA.  Has anyone worked with both these lines and give an opinion on which line they like better?  or which line their clients seem to prefer to buy?  I am looking for more options with enzymes and light peels and products for retail.  I do not need a large inventory yet and I would like some professional opinions before investing the $1,500 for RA's initial order minimum.

DEFINITELY Rhonda Allison. No comparison.

Rhonda Allison, once you get them on a regimen, they WILL come back for more. I even had to open an online store!

Products are SAFE to use by people with lupus. They even have a list of products that pregnant women can use and that you can use as backbar.  They have protocols that are menu-ready. Their peels are really good. Some enzymes are better than others, in my opinion, and the ones that are good are really really good!

Which enzymes "in your opinion" are really really good?? I contacted them and they replied with I can buy one of their starter kits, however, I would have to place $1,500 minimum after that and yes that has been within the last week?? I like the menu-ready protocols it gives a good start when begining to work with a line and as I see how products work with eachother I will be, of course, mixing and matching.  Hmm, I gonna send them another email stating I know other professionals that do not have to meet the minimum requirement.

Well, I know they've gone through some changes. My AMAZING sales rep is no longer with them, and they don't open on Mondays anymore. Apparently a turn for the worse, but they're still a good company and product.

The enzymes I like the most are Cherry Jubilee, derma peel (for retail as well), pumpkin parfait, mint papaya, tomato peel and Maui peel. these are all enzymes. My favorite is cherry jubilee.

Rhonda Allison doesn't have a minimum order unless they changed in the past week or so... I started with Rhonda Allison by getting the backbar products of one of their protocols and used it in my menu of services. Little by little, I started addding protocols and products. Now, I have an online store. They do require a minimum of $250 in order for you to NOT pay S&H. Otherwise, you can order $10 if you wanted to.

I already have emailed them and hopefully they will allow me to order a few hundred dollars worth to begin.  Thank you for your favorites list!! I was working at a spa and without getting into l long story I decided to work "anywhere else doing anything to make money" save then rent my own space.  I didn't anticipate that I would be asked to do facial parties and provide facials for people in their homes, so waiting for the retail space until I started my business just turned into Plan B and my business just got started for me. lol (that is awesome!)  Anyway for these spa parties, they are usually 30 minute facials and I need to WoW them in 30 minutes (that's where the enzymes and LED comes in) I want those clients to become regular clients.  I've had to decide quickly on things and invest money that was suppose to be for retail space and the last thing is a versatile product line, professional and retail.  Thank you Monica very much!!

best of luck! R.A. has a few 30 min express facials and "glows" you will love.

Anytime :-)


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