I have been using Rhonda Allison Skincare products in my Studio exclusively for some time.  I like them alot and I find my clients love them too.  I recently purchased the Face Reality DVD to find out more about their Acne protocols and products.  I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to incorporate both lines into an acne regimen without compromising one product over the other.

Thank you.

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I too am just beginning with Face Reality. I would not mix the two.
I plan to use RA for all my treatments and facials EXCEPT acne. I'm gonna follow the Face Reality protocol and program precisely, especially in the beginning.

That said, I had great results following the FR program steps... But using the RA beta green tea, blemish complex with BPO, and chronopeptide A. I cleared up, but soon my progress stalled out because there wasn't any way for me to adjust the percentages and the RA stuff just wasn't strong enough.

Hope that helps.
It really isn't necessary to incorporate another line with the FR products. They by themselves work wonders on acne.

Hello Kimberly,

I suppose you could just stop carrying the Rhonda products that contain BPO and salycilic so you're not duplicating.  Personally I never use BPO anymore.  I make dietary modification, eliminating dairy, soy and processed food.  I recommend Rhonda Allison's Mandelic Argenine Serum or Vivant's mandelic acid toner instead of BPO for it's antibiotic properties.  Hope this helps 2 years later:) lol


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