I tried the dermafile on a client, while she was steaming with a SS enyme masque yesterday, and she had a large, round scar on her lower cheek that she was concerned about. She wrote me today and said this: "scratched an area in a line under where that round scar was on my left cheek - there's redness and skin missing in multiple spots. It doesn't hurt, but it is a large area - it looks kind of like a rug burn or like when you use a pumice stone to remove skin. Should I put something on it?"


HELP!!! What do I do to calm the situation down??? (besides already apologizing to her and telling her I would seek more information as to what she can do to heal this.)

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I gave her that suggestion in my email reply to her, but thanks!

I would also recommend sunscreen or band aid to make sure it blocks the Sun's rays or otherwise you risk it hyperpigmenting.

Hylunia Healing and Restoring cream, it has remarkable healing properties. Another great cream, used for all my waxing clients, but goes further, pulls heat out of the skin, heals burns, from cooking, etc.. Finipil, it is manufactured by the Nufree Waxing System company.

I have both if you want to purchase and have me ship to you it that is faster than placing an order.

I am a huge Skin Script user, but these 2 products are a must.

@ Jeannine. Do you use nufree waxing lotion?

Yes, I use Nufree waxing system, their erase lotion and their Finipil cream. Do you Vanessa?

I only use this wax, nothing else, no hard wax, nothing, just Nufree. A large % of my business is waxing, and Brazilian at that!!

Nufree is amazing! I'm actually switching over to this because it's so easy to use. The salon I rent in uses it, and I'm sold!

It's a great system, any questions on it in the future let me know, I have been using it for about 5 yrs and have had it used on me for about 10 plus yrs.
Good Luck.

No. I don't. I have been thinking about it. I just purchased some hard wax but I have not tired it yet. When I did my practical for a job, they used Nufree. I really did like it, but itis rather expensive. Of course, I would more have to buy any other wax.

It is water soluble?

I did a sugaring class but I just cannot get the technique down.

Nufree is on sale right now so I may take the leap a jyst purchase it.

Decision decision

Hi Jeannine I am working at a spa that is going to start using the nufree system . Can you do all your Brazilians with this ? Even if the clients has alot of extra skin or even if they have thicker coarse hair? 

Yes Cheryl, I do all my waxing with the Nufree system, all parts of the body. It is very simple to work with and keep the heater clean. When applying the wax you want it to be a thin layer, not a thick layer of the wax where you can't see thru it. Nufree I believe will do a training class and they also have DVD's to watch. I love it and have no reason to need to use another wax. I know the local distributor here in PA also owns a spa as well and they too use it exclusively, they as well as myself see no reason to need to use a hard wax along with this system. I don't run into reasons to want to look into another system to sideline, although I don't disagree with those who do.

Please don't hesitate to ask any Q's about Nufree if you need. I don't mind at all.

Do you use the cover & is the cover necessary? Do you use the stainless steel applicators?


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