My first experience with LED was way back in 2003. It's kind of a funny story and I think I'll make a video and put on my website! Revitalight was my first machine. I got some great results, but after a while I couldn't handle sitting there for as long as you really need to to get the results. Handpieces are great because they are right up against the skin but you truly need to spend quite a bit of time moving them around the face to get results. So, I moved on the a face panel and absolutely wouldn't be without it. I own two of them (I have two treatment rooms right now) You can use LED for every skin condition. Every treatment includes 10 to 15 minutes of LED toward the end of the treatment. It takes the results over the the top!


I am working with a company on a quality panel that I'm hoping I can offer for a really good price. I don't have the figure on that yet. In the meantime, I have my new LED mask with 54 LED's. You can switch from red to blue with a click of a button! It's actually pretty powerful. I have someone using it at home right now (every other day) to get my before and after pictures.


You can check it out here:

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So, I've got a little stress going on and my face is broken out. It's weird because I may get one pimple but never 6 or 7 like I have right now. Last night I sat watching TV with my LED mask on!! I did 15 minutes of blue and then 15 minutes of red. This, what a difference!! Should have taken a pic last night but I didn't think that it would calm down this quickly. Loving this mask right now!!

Shelley, How do you sanitize these LED masks? Do you just use barbicidal wipes since I am assuming you can't soak it in disinifectant. Also how do you protect a client's eyes from the light while in use? I should've asked to try it on when I met you at the Face&Body show in SJ, I was totally exhausted from all the shopping but I am very curious about this mask.

Hi Katrina....yes, I wipe it down with the barbicide wipe. There is a lining that can be used and wiped down easily but it's a bit opaque and that will effective the effectiveness of the LED's. So, I've been putting it on without the lining and then carefully wiping the mask itself. I instruct not to put anything on the skin that does not soak in immediately. if you start using gooey products, you'll have a mess on the mask. I include a bottle of my Real Serum Booster to use for anti-aging and pigmentation or the Real Balance Serum for oily, large pored, acne skin.


I just put wet cotton rounds on their eyes. When I'm using it at home, I don't use anything. It's not that bright around the eye holes.


Yes, there was a lot of shopping to be done at the Show!! A bit overwhelming!

Shelly this mask sounds wonderful ! I think I will be looking into making this purchase in the future !

I've had the mask on for three nights in a row now and NO signs of my breakouts....GONE!!! I am amazed. Some estys have been talking about renting the mask out to clients. Do you know how much they will love us if we can send them home with something that will do what it did for me!?!? Not only did it heal the breakouts but I look super vibrant. I can kick myself for not documenting this with pictures, you're just going to have to really trust me on this but I think we're on to something here.


So...besides acne clients, what about our pigmentation clients. Wouldn't they benefit from a two week intensive, where they used the mask nightly with a pigmentation product that you send them home with.


You would have to come up with a rental fee and an agreement for them to sign (in case the dog gets ahold of the mask!) and a protocol for them. Actually I'll start putting something together that everyone can use and just plug in your price and info.

It's Saturday morning and I've used the mask 6 nights in a row and my skin looks and feels fabulous! I have 46 estys coming to my Center this weekend for the "Empowering Estheticians" workshop and I'm so happy my skin is back to it's ol' self...actually it kinda looks even better!!


This mask is turning out to be even better than I thought. I sold out of my first shipment. The next one will be here around the 15th of November. I'm going to have to keep em' coming because this is turning out to be a HOT ticket item!

The LED mask is on my Christmas wish list :).  I can't wait for "Santa" to bring it to me :). 

Well, I have a panel on the way to test!! It looks exactly like my Luminox and has the same specs...I was able to get straight to the source!! I have two of these panels already and absolutely love them. I will be putting info about this panel up on my website soon. I paid $7000 each for the two panels I have. I will be able to bring that cost down to $5500 (includes shipping, which runs about $625!). But, I will be running an introductory special for $4995 just to get the ball rolling!!

I'll keep you posted as to when they'll be available to purchase!

ps...still loving the mask. I'm about ready to place my third order for them, they are selling super fast!! I'll be making a video this week about using it on clients. Watch my website for it!

Just found out that the company I'm working with is making a LED eye mask!! We'll be able to offer "Intense Anti-aging Eye" treatments. I'm thinking it'll be Janaury before I have them. I'll keep you posted!!

awesome!!  I put your LED mask on my Christmas list so I hope it's waiting under the tree for me on Christmas morning.  LOL. 

Hope you've been nice and not naughty so it'll be there!!!


There's a new picture on my website of a teenage boy playing videos with the mask on!! His Mom purchased it for herself but when she told me that her son had acne, I gave her directions on how he should be using it....15 minutes of blue and then 15 minutes of red. Have a look:

that is awesome!  I hope Santa thinks I have been as good as I think I have been.  haha


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