Wow, you guys. Where has this machine been all my life! Ya'll know that my Radiancy equipment is my favorite piece of equipment but...this SmoothSculpt is a close second, maybe even a tie!

It's already taking off like crazy. I've been working on a local Esty friend, doing her thighs and stomach. Watch for her reveiw on my website. She saw immediate results after the first treatment. I've worked on a few faces and the feedback is that they immediately feel tighter. Because of the lymphatic drainage effect, they glow when I'm finished.

You can see some before and after pictures on my website. But sit down before you have a look, because you are going to be floored!

I'm having the clients that come in for body treatments do a session on the Sonic Life full body vibration machine first to get their energy flowing.

I'm having so much fun!!



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Shelley, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us! I love keeping up with what you're doing and I'm learning lots. The Smooth Sculpt is impressive, how long do you think it takes to get noticeable results? What would you charge for a treatment and how much is the unit? By the way, loving the Skin scripts! Thanks again...

I'm really happy to hear that you are loving Skin Scripts!! SmoothSculpt...Every client that I have done has noticed and felt a difference right away after the first treatment. When the gals from the company came out here and did me the day before my "Shelley's Show & Tell" event, my skin looked indredible the next day. I felt soooo beautiful! :-)  They recommend charging $150 for the face and $125 for 45 minutes on the body. I am going to put out an email today for a special, $100 their first treatment. The really great part when you purchase this equipment is that they send a trainer to your Center to spend the day with you and in the evening she'll work an event with your clients. So, if done properly, you should be able to make back your investment that evening. I would work with anyone who purchases to make sure that happens. The unit is only $4995. They have a special going on until the end of April where you get $800 extra worth of the products that you need to use for the treatment. That's big! This is going to be one of those business changing pieces of equipment, I can feel it!

Shelley - I can't believe the before and after photos!


I had seen the unit before - not a demo, just listed for sale on a supply site.

At the time I couldn't figure out why it was so far as I could tell it was the same as doing a microdermabrasion without the exfoliation.


The photos tell a much different story.

BTW - I have taken a Lymph Drainage Therapy course and learned that in addition to having to go to the bathroom a lot, the liver is being given quite a workout disposing of all that stagnant "yuck" - this is what causes the the slight nausea or flu-ish symptoms. There are myofascial and lymphatic techniques to use directly over the liver that help to relieve some of those symptoms (talk to some MT's!). The trainer may have some easy techniques also...if not, time for the company to start looking into this. Hmmm - I have also taken a manual massage cupping class...which also has overall body-health benefits.

Fascinating stuff!

Hi Cindy. Given the classes you've taken, would say the smooth sculpt is very similar to medicupping?

Paula - I have not used the Smooth Sculpt.

So I am only assuming that they are similar in theory and effect. Shelley or the Smooth Sculpt trainer could probably answer that more accurately.

The cups that I have are too large for the face and the suction is created manually and (I think) too much for the face. The cups can remain stationary on body (if you are targeting an area of congestion or are focusing on a particular meridien or acupuncture point), or they can be moving - which can be like a myofascial release, or a release of stagnant energy on meridien or point.

Thanks Cindy. I had been checking out the (interest in lymphatic drainage) website & they have a medicupping machine with cups for body & face. It does static suction as well as 6 different pumping modes. Was wondering if I needed both machines - meddicupping & smoothsculpt. Thanks

Good luck with your research Paula!

I like that the Smooth Sculpt has trainers. Hands on training is so beneficial for learning products and equipment.

There really is something to this lymphatic drainage you guys! I've been doing 10 minutes free on my facial clients to give them a taste of what this treatment can do. The feedback has been two thumbs up from everyone.


I have two clients that I'm doing front and back of thighs as well as stomach. I've never been much of a body treatment kinda gal but I have to tell you that I'm really enjoying this. It's very easy to do. The clients love the way they feel afterwards and I'm seeing results on them already. I have this feeling that once word spreads, this is going to be a big money maker. Especially right now because "short shorts" weather is coming!

I just showed the Before & After photos to my partner and her jaw dropped!

LOL! She wants me to get one!

So - clients will see changes in one treatment?

And best results are with a series?

And it isn't ALWAYS painful, right...or is the discomfort just when you are doing the body since the face is probably done at a lighter setting?

Sorry - I always have questions... :)

I love your questions!! Working on the body isn't always painful. If someone has a lot of stagnation (cellulite) it will not feel so good at first. I did the third treatment on one of my clients just yesterday and she said that it hurt much less. It's not outrageously adjust the setting to each client. I don't like to see them laying there in pain! If they have a lot of stagnation on the face (usually the jawline) it will feel a bit uncomfortable at first also. Every client that I have done so far has reported back that they see and feel a change the next day...this is incredible. Yes, a series of anything we do is always best. Six treatments are recommended.

The body is really only slightly uncomfortable the first time or if you have a lot of stagnation. I've had a few client see and feel results after the first treatment, which prompted them to purchase the series. I'm actually having clients tell me now that it's relaxing. There's a rythmical sound to the machine and the movements flow.

Get this! I got a call from a client of a local esthetician (she had come to watch a demo at my Center). The Esty referred her over to get the SmoothSculpt treatments with me. This client booked her first two appointments over the phone. So, I'm guessing that this Esty was pretty impressed with the machine but was just not able to purchase at the moment.


You guys...the client from this esty came in yesterday and it turns out she's a local TV news person! During our conversation she said "has anyone done a news piece yet about this treatment". and I said "no, can you help" and she said "yes". WhooHoo!!! This could be BIG! We may be on the news soon! I'll keep you posted!


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