Wow, you guys. Where has this machine been all my life! Ya'll know that my Radiancy equipment is my favorite piece of equipment but...this SmoothSculpt is a close second, maybe even a tie!

It's already taking off like crazy. I've been working on a local Esty friend, doing her thighs and stomach. Watch for her reveiw on my website. She saw immediate results after the first treatment. I've worked on a few faces and the feedback is that they immediately feel tighter. Because of the lymphatic drainage effect, they glow when I'm finished.

You can see some before and after pictures on my website. But sit down before you have a look, because you are going to be floored!

I'm having the clients that come in for body treatments do a session on the Sonic Life full body vibration machine first to get their energy flowing.

I'm having so much fun!!



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We sold our first series of facial treatments this week! This woman looked fabulous. I could kick myself...we didn't take pictures before and after this first treatment. So, we definitely will at her next appointment. The half face was dramatic...that's what we'll take a picture of.


I've got more testimonials on my website from the people I am working on, so please pop over there and read them. This really is one of the best pieces of equipment I'v spent money on. I am going to send out an email this week to our clients regarding getting their arms ready for short sleeve weather. This treatment is working GREAT on arms!!!

Just sold my first body series yesterday!!! Six stomach treatments for $600. This client actually came in for her free sonic life session (I'm giving everyone their first session free) and through our consultation, she told me that weight loss was her concern. I offered her a demo of the SmoothSculpt and bang....she purchased the series!!! This is too much fun!

The before/after on the arms was what really got me!

Such fabulous results.

People that have lost a lot of weight and have some saggy areas would LOVE LOVE LOVE this treatment. (Not to mention those of us who have some loose skin from a coupla C-sections).

It seems that with the increased circulation and release of stagnant waste products from the tissues that clients would experience BOTH weight and inch-loss.  Good luck to her!

And I can't beleive that you of all people forgot the before and after pictures on the facial client!

I know Cindy...I think I just got so excited about getting these treatments started that the whole picture taking thing did not enter my mind!

We use a treatment called Synergie that is similar but the equipment was very costly.  Is this unit easy to transport?  I have to take a look at it again.  And the price was 4995?




Yes, the price is $4995 and they send a trainer to your Center for the day. It's easy enough to roll on a cart from room to room but it is pretty heavy. I wouldn't want to be lifting it in and out of a car to take from place to place.

On Saturday I started working on a client that I've been doing the SmoothSculpt on for about 8 weeks now. Her legs looked fabulous, they have changed tremendously and I told her so. In return, she says to me with a big smile " I know, I actually felt confident enough to wear a short skirt this week". This is music to my ears!!! I really love this equipment!

It's people and experiences like this that remind you WHY you are in this business...

to help people feel and look better!

Seriously - stuff like this gets me kind of choked up when I think about how even little things like wearing short skirts can bring someone a little joy. :)

We are still doing really really well with this piece of equipement. Just yesterday one of my long term clients decided to do the full-on facial treatment (the esty that works for me does those, it's 40 minutes on the machine. I've added just 10 minutes of it onto the treatments I do with my clients) and she loved it, bought a series of six treatments!

Still loving my SmoothSculpt!! My massage therapist has been coming weekly to work on my legs...gettin' ready for Summer!! It's hard to do the back of your own legs. I can do the front of my legs and my stomanch and my arms just fine but not way back on the backside!!

I have quite a few clients in their 50's and 60's hooked on this for their facial treatment. Great for jaw lines and lifting foreheads!

If you live close by me...come try a treatment!!

Hi Shelly

Do you have any recent before and after photos that you could post or email me. Did you take before pictures of yourself? I am 54 120 lbs. and hate hate hate my thighs, they are loose and wrinkling at the knees. I am looking to have something done preferably non invasive. This machine looks like it provides promising results. how many treatments approximately are needed to really tighten up the thigs?

I'm laughing while I'm reading your question as to whether I took pics of myself......absolutely not!! :-)

I will tell you though that my legs are really looking better. It's gonna take some work though. They have always been the part of my body I'm not crazy about and the SmoothSculpt is the first thing I've found to really help. I had a Endermologie machine years ago. We did really well at my Spa with it...made great money. The SmoothSculpt wasn't around back then...I wish it had been, it's much better than the Endermologie.


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