Hi Ladies,

Have any of you ever don a chemical peel or enzyme treatment on necks or decollete?

If so, what products did you use and were you and the client happy with the results?

I'm really wanting something to target women's "turkey" necks, just not sure what is best to use.

Thank you in advance,

Tracy (newbieI) 

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Hi Tracy:

I, personally, don't peel the neck or decollete.  When I've tried this in the past (pre-Skin Script days) and I used other line's peels, I always had an alligator neck/decollete for 10-14 days and I wasn't impressed with the end results.  I like my Passionfruit enzyme for creating heat to stimulate collagen to firm the neck area.

Other's feedback?  If you know of another line that has mastered body peels, its okay to mention them.


I tried a peel once and I thought my neck has been worse every since but I wasn't that observant to know for sure. Wish I would have paid attention.

Does the Passionfruit enzyme really work well? 

This would be such a good addition. I believe women are always looking for something that will work for that area.

passion fruit enzyme is AMAZING!  I use it on my mom, she loves it and you really can see results. 

Sheila how often are you doing the passionfruit on your mom and what kind of results has she seen thanks for sharing 

she only comes in once a month, but right after the facial I will see results, not huge but definite tightening.  I just did another one today and we did her neck as well so I will let you know how long the results last with the tighening.  She has also been losing a lot of weight on a diet so that could affect results as well.  She loves it though.  She does get quite red.  I actually was able to folloqw wiht the chocolate mask this time too and I massaged it in. 

@Lisa, how come it is recommended to not steam with passionfruit?  It is because of the redness?  I have steamed before but didn't this time.  Just curious.  Thanks!

I suggest no steam as some of my aestheticians get concerned with the degree of redness that the passionfruit creates.  Steam intensifies enzymes.  However, once you are comfortable with the red level, you can feel free to add acids and steam.  I had an aesthetician ask today about her clients who do not  get one bit pink from the passionfruit; I suggested she preface the passionfruit with something else, like a peel, or another enzyme to pre-treat the skin for the passionfruit (in the same treatment).  You can get as creative as you'd like, just know the products well and how they behave on each client.

I mixed a little glycolic cleanser with the retinol scrub first :).  She is still slightly red but she even said the results are great.  Especially on the neck.  Here is where before and afters would come in handy.  I need to get better at that!!  She said the results usually last about a week but this is also my mother who refuses really to do anything I tell her to do or use any skin care products because hse is lazy.  She washes her face with baby shampoo!!  She will get in a good routine and then stop so she really just gets facials for relaxation/results are secondary for her.  Stubborn old lady!  LOL  Thank you for the info!! 

I had a client yesterday who is extremely sensitive...fitz 1 and gets red just from massage.  SHe was BRIGHT red from the coconut enzyme which I know has no acids in it.  She even said it was tingly in nose and cheek so I removed from that area.  She will also be red for weeks post waxing.  It's crazy!

I have a few clients that do get really red with the coconut enzyme . and some that are hardly even pink from the passion fruit so when I expect to see red i dont and when I dont I do LOL just know that I need to get to know the persons skin and go from there Thanks for responding Sheila. God Bless your MOM ! hahaha gotta love umm . xo p.s. I love steam with all my enzymes sometimes just having the steam going in the room and not really close to the clients skin is good enough. I did the glycolic and retinol mix on myself WOW! it was powerful! a little flakey afterwards but good in a couple days . I may have done an enzyme as well but still powerful mix. good job ladies :)

LOL! My mom is a handful too! But  finally now she uses the Green Tea and the Glycolic cleansers, Peptide moisturizer, and the serums...still a little stubborn about the sunscreen though. (eyeroll).

I too have had a few people get really red with the Coc/Pap. So I am using the Rasp/Peach with beautiful results - plus I LOVE the smell.

Could you please explain this little more:) This line is totally new  to me so I'm copying and pasting a lot of the suggestions from all you women here

Thank you again. I'm placing an order today as I already have people wanting peels etc.... love these products

Hi Tracy:

The Passionfruit Enzyme we are referring to in this conversation is a unusual, unique enzyme.  By itself, Its exfoliation is minor, but we have something called a Kollaren Peptide in this enzyme; it's 22% of the formula and this peptide is designed to create dermal heat to stimulate the fibroblast to produce collagen.  When we create this dermal heat, we create a great deal of redness to the skin; not tingliness, but red dermal warmth.  It doesn't create peeling because the exfoliation is minor, but the dermal heat is great.  The redness lasts about 1 hour. 

Thinking about stimulating collagen, it takes 2-3 months to see full results from dermal warmth, so I recommend doing these treatments 1 week apart for 6-12 weeks (they can be a 15 minute treatment).

Skin Script's protocol reads "no steam", but I say that so I don't frighten the esthetician with the degree of redness.  Once you are comfortable with the results, feeling and effect of this enzyme, then I encourage you to get a little crazy (as mentioned above) with adding glycolics, layering, steam, etc.

This is Skin Script's answer to treating the decollete and the neck, as I have not seen spectacular results from peeling this area.

As always, feel free to e-mail me directly at lisa@skinscriptrx.com or call 480-543-1121 if you would like to discuss the enzymes in more detail.


Love this instruction, Lisa. 


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