I complete 600 hours in school on Wednesday, May 8th and I couldn't be more excited! But then, I'm quickly discouraged by how long I have to wait to take the exam. Our school did not allow us to pre-apply for State Board so this leaves us with approximately three months to wait before we can get in to test, pass, and move on with starting our careers.

My question for all the estys out here in CA is: how did you get to practice waxing, facials, etc. while waiting for your test date? It's illegal to wax without a license, and I really need to take the classes but can't until I'm licensed and am eligible for insurance. I would in no way, shape, or form want to risk anything by not following the rules. I guess I'm just discouraged because of the wait. Then I wonder how clients will trust me to wax them and provide other services if I haven't had the opportunity to really practice my craft.

Any words of wisdom are appreciated!

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I was lucky enough to get hired by a spa owner who taught me all of her techniques. I recommend applying and offering to work the front desk and become familiar with the services. You might find an Esthetician with a client who won't mind if you stand in on services. Good luck!!!


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