Has anyone tried the Nufree finipil  wax by Equibal? They say it isn't  a wax and doesn't stick to the skin so there is no pain or redness. Sounds to good to be true! Is it applied hot or cold? Do you need muslin strips to remove or is it a hard wax.

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Comment by Rachel Poissant on August 21, 2011 at 10:27am
I use Nufree in my treatment room.  It is a bit more pricey, but I feel it is worth it.  I only use it for smaller areas mostly face waxes.  It does work great on people with more sensitive skin, but i have seen it be just as red as other waxes.  As for painless, everyone is different but it is not painless. 
Comment by angela jarvis on July 28, 2011 at 11:21am

I have used Nufree wax for years now!  It is a soy based soft wax, and you have to have a warmer for it. 
The warmer keeps the wax at a constant temperature of 98 degrees.  You use a strip that is made by the same company, Equibal, for the Nufree wax. Finipil is actually a post wax product made by Equibal to use after waxing.  It is kind of like the cream Neopsporin, and is used to protect the skin and kill bacteria.  It helps heal the skin after waxing.  You can buy a kit, minus the warmer for about $50.00. The kit comes with two cans of wax, strips, and 10 small packages of Finipil. Nufree is a great product and one of the best waxing products I have used, that said, as with any wax, and sensitivity, any client can have pain or redness, so I don't think that is true.  The warmer for the Nufree wax is a little bit pricier, and will cost anywhere form $150.00 to $300.00. Hope that helps!



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