Beauty is more than skin deep

Being a sole proprietor of a beauty business can leave you a little frazzled sometimes and looking less than a beauty professional.


That’s when it’s time to step back and take a moment or fifteen to manage your stress. For me it can just be a walk to the coffee shop and visiting with the great folks of my community, a meal with my son, or learning something new.


I know what you’re thinking, “Learn something new? If I’m stressed why would I take on something new?”


Because learning something new puts you out of your comfort zone and you learn something new and you grow. Then when you go back to your normal routine: wa-la! You feel like you are a superhero; because, now what was stressing you out seems old hat and suddenly you’re an expert. Confidence, my sweet dears, is very beautiful.


In short, you appreciate that your life gives you what you can handle.


What’s something new that you’ve learned lately that made you appreciate your life? Let's chat. 
Comment below about what you do to handle stress.
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