Best Ways to Get Rid of Puffiness Under Your Eyes

There are tons of changes everybody has to go through in their lifetimes. Aging is a natural part of it but, its utterly surprising how many people still get shocked when they spot those wrinkles or grow dark circles that they cant snap out from.  People fear aging and will do anything to delay it. For some unfortunate reason still, many get prematurely aged and it usually shows around the eye area.

The Big Bag 

Eye puffiness do not just show up, most especially when aging is not the primary cause. So, before scrambling to find out about Teamine reviews or, how best to tackle your eye puffiness issues, it will do you good to know that eye bags are caused not by one but several factors.  Here are just some of the most common causes:

• Allergies and other more serious ailments or health conditions.  Allergies leave your eyes swollen. It could be hay fever or, a kidney disease. There is a full menu of possibilities that you need to rule out, with your physician if there’s need, if you have persistent eye bags.


• Skin diseases. Skin conditions like eczema are often characterized by a weak skin barrier and the prevalence of allergies. When the skin is environmentally challenged, puffiness easily shows up, often accompanied by darkening around the eyes.


• Poor diet and lack of exercise. These factors make your body store more fluids than necessary, causing you to bloat. Dehydration can also be a cause for puffiness.


• Gravity. It compromises your skins inherent elasticity and pushes down on your skin over time. Sleeping with your head slightly higher than the rest of your body helps prevent puffiness by helping fluids around the eyes better circulate.


De-Bagging Your Eyes


Obviously, your eye bags have to be addressed down to their root causes to really close the case of your stubborn eye puffiness. Here are some of the ways by which you can get rid of those tacky eye bags:

1.  Sign up an eye cream.

Kate Winslet once said, A good eye cream is really important when you are traveling, busy and stressed — thats when the dark puffy circles can get you. You may have to scour through user testimonials, such as Teamine reviews, to find the right eye cream that fits your skin type and needs.

Among the ingredients to look for in your eye cream are repair-enhancing peptides, protective antioxidants most especially Vitamins C and E, circulation-enhancing ingredients such as caffeine and Niacinamide, barrier-forming ceramides, healing anti-inflammatories including aloe, and skin brighteners such as licorice.


2.  Give your skin care regimen a tweak.

Exfoliate periodically, and cleanse, tone and moisturize day and night. Make sure that you are wearing UV and antioxidant protection during the day. Spoil your eye area with a moisture boost using face masks, eye patches, serums and moisturizers to keep your eye area well-moisturized and cells revitalized to activate your skin’s natural rejuvenating mechanisms.


3. Make major lifestyle changes.

Decrease your sodium intake to refrain from retaining too much fluids in your system. Drink less alcohol and less often. Alcohol dehydrates your skin, carving out deeper lines under your eyes. Get 7 to 9 hours of sleep night after night to give your eyes a much needed break. Get into a regular workout routine to keep your circulation going smoothly and help prevent leaking fluids from building up around your eye area.


4.  Inquire about non-surgical procedures to reduce eye bags. When aging is the root cause of your puffy eyes, it may take a non-invasive or a minimally invasive procedure like laser treatments and radio frequency therapy to lift and resurface your skin, and improve fluid circulation underneath your eye area to rid of your eye bags. Of course, botox and dermal fillers can also help give you a lift if youre keen on getting these injections.


5.  Consider surgery as a last resort. In some cases, the causes of eye bags may be hereditary, which is the reason for excess skin under your eyes. In which case, the only possible solution is to go undergo a Blepharoplasty procedure.

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Don’t allow under eye bag problems and puffiness get the better side of you.  Just when they get more stubborn, you should meet the challenge with a tougher resolve to put an end to your persistent eye puffiness issues, considering these 5 options as viable courses of action.

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