Dry skin is when our skin is lacking oil.  Dehydrated skin is lacking water.

All skin types can be dehydrated.  Dehydrated skin is a skin condition while dry skin is a skin type.

A skin type is what we are born with.  Everyone has a skin type.  With dry skin, we will notice that most of our body is dry and just soaks up lotions and creams like it’s extremely thirsty.

A skin condition is something that some people may have, but not all of us.  They can include redness, inflammation, acne, sun damage and others.

Dehydrated skin may overproduce oil and cause breakouts.  Dehydrated skin can also simply be very dry areas.

This is why water is so important.

If you are experiencing breakouts and an overproduction of oils, try drinking more water and see what the outcome is.  If this doesn’t solve your skin condition, then it’s time to seek a professional.

P.S.  Seeing a professional is always a good idea.  We know the best products for your skin type and skin condition.  Facial massages are beneficial to all types and conditions.

Source: Green Bay Skin Care - Facials, Body Waxing, Body Treatments and Makeup

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