Sun is shining and it’s warm outside so it’s definitely spring time. As you’re changing winter clothes for some lighter ones now is a good time to think about your spring make up as well. Move aside those heavy foundations and gloomy colors because it’s time to brighten up your face so it matches the wonderful weather outside. Here are some fun make up trends that are the highlight of this spring season.

1.     Nude is always in

If you don’t like to experiment with colors and prefer to wear subtle make-up but refuse to go with no make-up at all, nude tones are perfect for you. And don’t think that using nude tones on your skin is boring, it was actually one of the biggest trends on the spring runways. You can use nude lipstick with a touch or shimmer, a glossy one, or even matte nude lipstick. Opt for a metallic eye shadow to make you look cool and try using a matte blush to make your cheekbones look sharper.

2.     Spring is about color

Color is bursting everywhere so why not transfer nature’s colors on your skin. Pastels are so in this spring so try some eye shadows in lavender, aqua or chartreuse and add just a good layer of mascara to get an edgy, cool look. And make sure to blend in the colors well over the entire lid and brow bone to make it look modern.

3.     Get your glitter on

You might think having glitter on will seem tacky but it doesn’t have to be if you apply it correctly. Apply it subtly around underneath the lower lash lines add a smudge of white liner along the inner rim and finish it off with black mascara. Or apply taupe shadow first then blend in well a creamy gold pencil. You can make some great shopping deals by buying glitter eye shadow palettes which will give you more options like pinks, purples, blues and golds, or simple neutral sparkly colors.

4.     It’s all about your eyes

Bold eye shadow is great but why not take it one step further and try some bold eyeliners. If you want to try one of the most unusual color trends this spring, try yellow eyeliner. It’s not something you might want to incorporate into your everyday routine and it might be tricky to pull off but if done correctly, you won’t regret it. It’s important to note that you need to apply it only on your upper lash and not on the lower one as well since it can make you look puffy. Another daring trend this spring is blue eyeliner, and if you find the correct tone for you, you’ll get a vibrant and surprisingly flattering look.

5.     Bold lips

When it comes to daily make-up routine, lipstick is a must so this spring might be your chance to try some really cool trends on your lips. This spring is all about bold colors but instead of using the classic red lipstick you should add a fun little twist in it by trying a pink-red lipstick to get a sexy and flirty look. Or maybe you should try wine-colored lipsticks for an edgy and cool look. If you really want to experiment, you can try the two-tone lips trend, and you don’t have to use crazy colors for this one, but simply apply a matte red color on you upper lip and a hot pink shade on your bottom lip.


Spring is the time for new starts so try something new and fun. Play with your make up, be bold and adventurous and make yourself feel and look good. 

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