I am a newbie here.

I have been interested in skin care all my life...I am Nurse and recently decided to follow my passion of skin care. I used to do facials in my BFFs facial spa and just did her face as well as some friends of ours but never professionally. They always complement me that I have gentle hands and know a lot about the process.

I was wondering if I still need an esthetician license to work or will my nursing license be sufficient. can I take classes to improve my knowledge and skills. Any suggestions?

I am very excited yet nervous to go to this new endeavor.

All your inputs will be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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Comment by Susanne Schmaling on July 8, 2013 at 11:15am

How exciting! Yes you do need a esthetics license to perform services with in the esthetics scope of practice. Your nursing license could be used for esthetic medical procedures and laser services depending on the state that you work in. You will find that a good esthetic education will help you perform treatments in a manner that will ensure good results for your clients and improve medical treatment outcomes.

Comment by Angel Hedrick on June 30, 2013 at 10:27pm
you will probably need to contact your state board of cosmetology to be sure, but I think you do have to have an esthetics license to practice. I am a newbie as well, and I absolutely love what I do!! good luck to you!! :-)

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