NYR Organic Skin Care

 NYR Organic is a wonderful ethical company with pure quality products, fair trade, beautiful packaging, and organic sourcing of ingredients. You can sign up this month for only $78 and start offering the Age-Defying Frankincense Facial.  We think this is a perfect company for estheticians starting out. Low start up, no inventory to carry. Just retail to your clients via your personal website!  Sweet! 

Call me for samples, 425-623-0442! I would love to tell you more about this awesome company and their products. 

Worldwide Spa's are Loving NYR Organic too! 

Many spas, therapists and estheticians are using NYR Organic products in their facial, spa treatment and retailing directly to their clients via a consultant website. You can retail beautiful organic ethical products and services with out the expense of a high opening order or carrying a large inventory.

Using NYR Organic in your Practice

Age-defying -Pearl of the Desert Frankincense Facial ~ Anti-aging treatment using the Premium Frankincense Line (Wild FairWild Frankincense from Kenya & Somalia)

Normal Skin - Pure Radiance Rose FacialExtremely Hydrating using our Rehydrating Rose Collection (Handpicked Roses from Turkey)

Dry Skin - Nourishing Orange Blossom Flower Facial ~ Deeply nourishing for Dry Parched Skin. (Handpicked Organic Neroli Blossoms from Morocco)

Oily/Combination/Blemish Prone SkinPurifying Madagascar Palmarosa Facial ~ Hydrating, Oil Balancing, Toning, and Mattifying  ~ (Organic Palmarosa Grass harvested from Madagascar)

Sensitive Skin - Soothing Borage Starflower Facial ~ Soothes, Cools, and Strengthens Sensitive Skin. ~ (Certified Organic Starflower Oil (Borage) from China and Berkshire Farm)  



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