Perfect Makeup Choices for Summer 2017

No matter how much we enjoy touching up our look with make-up, summer is simply the worst season to relish a good maquillage. However, this year is all about natural make-up trend that promotes the natural attractiveness and accentuates your beauty with the smallest amount of products. Therefore, forget about tons of foundation, powders, and cover-ups that will only make you feel like you’re melting under the hot temperatures. With the newest trends, you won’t even notice you’re wearing any sort of make-up.

Catchy eyes

Prominent make-up on your lids will truly make your eyes pop. Luckily, this season is all about bold hues, so feel free to embrace every possible eye shadow colour, from red, green, to blue, yellow, orange and pink. What’s more, eye pencils and eyeliners in the same cheerful and daring colours are another way to bring the attention straight to your eyes. Whether you go for a touch of mascara and a turquoise eyeliner, or a yellow eyeshadow in the mix, you’ll rock the trend like a pro.

Blush up

Skin Is In ‒ the newest make-up trend we’re loving this year. Namely, the emphasis should be on a glowing skin, which puts the previously popular trend of contouring out of the spotlight. Rosy cheeks have always been the sign of a healthy look, this is why pure pressed blush from the Jane Iredale collection is the one product you should always consider using as a part of your summer make-up routine. With a bit of foundation, a touch of blush and a little bit of mascara, you’ll be ready for any occasion. Add a dash of highlighter to get that glamorous glow, and you’ll look stunning.

Daring lips

Muted, naturally looking lips are the perfect choice for the day. With a touch of clear lip-gloss, or a delicate blush hue lipstick, your make-up will look flawless. While you should use as less popping make-up during the day, night is the perfect time to add colour and texture to those pouty lips. Red lipsticks never go out of style, so count them in for this season as well. The shades you should invest in are cherry red and pink. If you put a darker hue on your top lip and the lighter on the lower lip, you’ll achieve the perfect unconventional look.


Minimalistic make-up is all you should go for this season, so when you don’t have time or the nerve to do a full on maquillage, feel free to multipurpose a product. You can easily use creamy blush to both accentuate your cheeks, and add a pop of colour to the eyelids. Add a bit of mascara for the piercing eyes, a touch of highlighter for the extra glow, and you’re all set.

Sun-kissed skin

Skin tends to be dry and dull after a long influence of the sun, so you should bring back the glow to make it flawless again. Thanks to the long hours of sunbathing, you won’t have to worry about covering those dark circles under the eyes with a concealer, and your make--up routine will take much less than before. So, all you should consider applying is a bit of bronzer for a sheeny complexion. Sweep it over the eyelids as well, and glow like never before. You can add mascara and nude lip balm to the mix, for the perfectly natural glow.

Final thoughts

This summer will finally be all about natural looking skin, that doesn’t require endless make-up time. All you’ll need by your side are your favourite blush, bronzer, mascara, colourful eyeshadows and a daring lip kit. This year, skin is in, so try to show it off as much as possible, instead of covering it too much.

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