I finally got my Alexandria Professional sugaring supplies in the mail.

So very close to actually debuting my site--my very own mobile business! I'll admit that I'm a bit...apprehensive. Of course, the wild ride comes with the territory.

Only a few short days left until my big solo adventure to the great  city of  Los Angeles.

What awaits me?

Sugaring and tattooing.

I kid you not.

Ever since one of my instructors in beauty school demonstrated (on me) the sugaring technique, I've been intrigued and hooked ever since. I love that it's water soluble, gentle, eco-friendly, and most of all, you don't have to go back to the pot for more supply. 

I watched the DVD and mirrored the hand steps. I can't wait to try it in class.


The moment I googled "natural permanent makeup", I instantly fell in love with the results galleries and the demo videos of the SofTap method. I've searched high and low, and sent countless emails to various SofTap instructors, and I finally found one...300 miles away from home. (Why does everything have to be in LA??)

When I finally scrounged up enough money, quit my crappy job(s), waited until the very last required rent payment at my former apartment, I signed up for the next available classes I could take.

To top it off, when I come back, I get to go to the Face and Body Expo in San Jose!

But that's not all--
I will also be debuting my business at a booth at my parents' church the weekend after. I'll be doing head/neck/shoulder/hand/arm massages with an eye treatment, and for the kids, face painting and henna tattooing!

This is only the beginning, though. Then again, I wonder, what else awaits me?

I believe I am ready for this. I know I'm ready for this.

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Comment by Carrie Patrick on September 26, 2012 at 3:43pm

Good luck! There is something about sugaring that is just so cool. I even like watching people do it as a demonstration at trade shows. (Yep, that's me, easily entertained.)

Enjoy the permanent makeup training, and I hope you will post here about how it went!

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