The 5 Most Effective Cellulite Reduction Techniques for Cellulite Removal

Michelle Obama once said that, No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you are beautiful. We all want to be confident in our bare skin but, where technology is available, it is also not practical to hold back on any other possible improvements that we can bring to our beautiful, natural assets. Recently, cellulites, one of the most difficult vanity concerns to tackle for the longest time, are finally being managed without pain.

Whats the news with cellulites?

We’ll keep dreaming of that day when we simply topically apply a regimen to our cellulites and then wake up to find them gone just as we’d treat our dark spots with a product like Esoterica Fade Cream. For now, we will have to be thankful for new procedures that have been tried, tested and proven to remove cellulites.

Here are five of the most effective cellulite treatments you should check out if you feel bothered by those orange peels on your thighs or elsewhere on your bod:

1.  Cellulaze

This is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a pen like laser inserted just underneath the skin. The laser is used to cut through the tough skin fibers that trap hardened fat cells in. As the fats break loose, the laser heats the fats and melts them to become reintegrated into the bloodstream and then be excreted from the body via natural means — no need for suction of any sort. Visible improvements become noticeable in a matter of days and have been found to last for at least two years after.

2. Cellfina

Like Cellulaze, Cellfina is a minimally invasive cellulite removal procedure that cuts through the fibers and then melts the trapped fat cells so that these can be eliminated from your problem area. However, with Cellfina, the main tool used is a tiny needle used to perform a subcision or a narrow insertion just underneath your skin. First, the needle is used to deliver anaesthesia. Then, the needle is used to cut the fibers. Lastly, it is used to deliver a solution that will cause the loosened fat to melt. Noticeable improvements become evident in the days following availment of procedure and lasts for years depending on maintenance.

3. Endermologie  

This non-invasive cellulite removal procedure makes use of a device that deep massages and sucks on the skin to help improve blood circulation and promote healthier fluid drainage that flushes out the leaked fluids on the skin. At the same time, it loosens up the hardened fats. Noticeable results can be expected between the sixth and eighth sessions. Results lasts depending on maintenance.

4.  Body FX

 Like Endermologie, this procedure uses a non-invasive suction and massaging device, except that this one creates a magnetic force field using radio frequency stimulation to help improve skin conditions underneath and on the surface of the skin. By sucking, the device snaps the skin fibers to release trapped fats. Using the magnet it creates, fats are melted away.

5.  Plastic surgery

 It remains to be an option since it still is an effective procedure for cellulite removal. However, because of the high risks involved, it is best for you to explore the four other options above.

Maintaining your cellulite-free body

Just because you avail yourself of these procedures does not guarantee that cellulites aren’t going to show up again on problem areas that have already been treated. It is imperative for you to stay on a cellulite-free maintenance strategy if you want your results to last longer.  Here are tips on how to keep your body from reacquiring cellulites:

Tip No. 1: Watch what you eat. In general, you want to stay away from foods that cause your body to retain water and store fats, that includes sweet, salty and fatty foods. Eat fresh and very seldom, if possible, never, reach for processed foods.

Tip No. 2: Get on a fat burning exercise routine. You don’t want just any workout routine, you want one that will keep the fats off. Get on a combination of cardiovascular and weight training exercises.

Tip No. 3: Get yourself a regular massage. Keep your circulation healthy and make sure to soothe body areas where fluids leak. Massage will help avoid build up of trapped fats.

Cellulite: Causes and Prevention Tips


These revolutionary cellulite removal procedures are not only providing us with options but also, allowing us to become more confident with our bodies.

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