The Importance of Stimulation for Your Skin

It's important to understand the role of stimulation for specific skin conditions such as dehydration, mature skin and congestion. When we stimulate the skin through treatments and product application we increase the blood flow to the surface of the skin. We're bringing nutrients and oxygen to the surface which in turn feeds and nourishes the problematic areas, especially dry, dull skin. It's like a cardio workout for the skin! When your skin is stimulated, it turns a pinkish color - otherwise known as erythema. This is a wonderful reaction and this type of redness is good and desirable during treatment. Also, the oxygen that is brought to the surface kills certain bacteria that thrive in clogged pores, therefore helping to aid with decongestion. So, a little stimulation, whether it is within a professional treatment like lymphatic drainage, chemical peels, light suction with microdermabrasion or from a potent ingredient in a product, it is absolutely vital and beneficial to the skin. So don't fear if your skin is a little pink during or after a treatment, embrace it!

Brittany Bray, B.A.,  Licensed Esthetician

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