The Top 10 Spring Hairstyles You Need To Try this Summer

“I could go running, and racing, and dancing, and chasing, and leaping, and bounding, hair flying, heart pounding, and splashing, and reeling, and finally feeling now’s when my life begins,” Rapunzel said so in the movie, “Tangled”.  Chances are, that’s exactly how you are feeling now that Summer is almost here and you can almost smell the salty, dry air of the beach in your nostrils.

Untangling Summers Biggest Hairdos

The fashionable chick that you are, you know that trendy Spring outfits aren’t all there is to make your Summer style a sensational hit.  Listed below are 10 of the coolest hairstyles to help you beat the hair-raising heat of summer:

Side twists.

 We have Belle of “Beauty and The Beast” to thank for this trend. Simply part your hair where you normally part it, the two sides don’t have to be equal. Take tiny sections of hair then twist. Take another section then twist. Until you come at a point when you just keep twisting before you tie both sides into a half pony.

Kinky curls.

If you’re naturally born with kinky hair, wear your tiny curls loud and proud with a bounce.  If not, you can always get these amazing curls by heating your hair with a hot barrel with small diameter.  Work in small sections until you have covered your entire head.  Leave as is or, wear with a clip on the thinner side of your part.


The world continues its obsession with dainty braids. Keep wearing the hairstyle the same old fashioned ways or, simply braid a tiny section on one side like a Boho, if you have long hair.

Punk braid.

If you have an edgier style and more daring personality, classic braids probably don’t appeal much to you. We bet that a punk braid will catch your attention. There are several ways to get this done. The two simplest techniques involves reverse braiding your hair.

One, braid the half or full volume of your hair. Once done, pull the top to loosen up your braid. Style and spray.  Two, part your hair at the center. Make two reverse braided hair. Pull back everything else and end with a slick, wet-look braided hair.


Always one of the best spring hairstyles is a pixie. This is one hairstyle you want to be careful about. If you have a tiny, round face, you can go really short like a barber. However, if you have a fuller face, get a pixie with layers. Ask your hairstylist to make the hair on your nape “crawl” rather than shaving it into a barber cut.

One-sided low bun.  

Sexy and sophisticated, this is a great hairdo to stay cool when you are getting dressed for a formal affair in the middle of hot summer. Part your hair as you would normally do. Tie all your strands up into a bun over one side. Place an accessory or, wear it plain.

High bun with side bangs.  

When you have long hair and you’re not ready to make drastic changes, this is the best hairdo you can do to your hair, if only to get more air on your neck, nape and shoulders. It’s also fab.

Beach waves.

Give your strands a zigzag curl. Run your hands through your curls. Roughen up with a sea salt spray. End with a medium hold hairspray. You can also choose to make your curls slicker.

Assymetrical Bob.

A normal bob is normal except what you get is just, well, normal, look. Add in more personality to the utilitarian bob by getting yourself a Japanese-inspired uneven bob. Wear one side with an undercut, and the other side with a sharper layered part that falls loosely on one side of your face. This hairstyle will give your face an instant contour without the need for makeup.

Hair accessories.

When you believe you don’t have the talent nor the patience to do any styling this season, you can simply pull back your strands and accent it with an over-sized scarf or, simply put on a cap, a hat or, a swimmer’s cap. 

Trendy Layered Hairstyles for spring/summer


Catch this Summer’s biggest waves. Start by riding on the latest, trendiest and most sensational hairstyles this season. With these 10 hair styling ideas in mind, you are sure to find one that perfectly fits your outfit, style statement, and personality.

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