What is Crow's Feet and How to Get Rid of It

Thoughts of growing old send many people into panic mode these days. Everybody wants to be young, look timeless, and stay productive these days. These three are good motivation for people to want to lead healthier lives. Unfortunately, it is the shameless greed for youth that often get your skin into more trouble.

Does it have to be Crows Feet?

Truth is, what choice have you got when it is your own body that has predetermined how your wrinkles appear. Here are the top three reasons why wrinkles almost always show up first around your eyes:

• Your eyes are part of almost every expression you make. That’s why crow’s feet would appear where lines form when you smile or frown.

• There is very little fats and muscles underneath your eye area to support skin around these parts, making skin prone to sagging and wrinkling

• The fragile capilliaries underneath supply this area with the nutrients required to repair and rejuvenate your skin. However, because they are so thin, these capilliaries are prone to breakage and leaks, suffering skin in these areas.

Beat the wrinkles

Here is what you should do at the sight of crow’s feet, and we quote Elizabeth Taylor,”Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together”.  Stressing over crow’s feet will only grow you more wrinkles. Work on these top 7 ways as to how to get rid of wrinkles instead:

1.  Botox and dermal fillers  

Make sure that the idea of getting yourself periodic facial injections sits well with you and, of course, that you have money to keep spending for frequent follow up treatments of 4 to 6 months apart at a time.  Take time to understand what other choices you have, as well as the ups and downs of these procedures.

2.  Schedule a skin therapy today

Many times, a simple microdermabrasion or chemical peeling can help improve how your crow’s feet appears, depending on how long you’ve had them.  Laser skin therapy is also now even more highly targeted so, you should find out how advances in laser technology can help you get rid of crow’s feet. While you’re at it, check as well, cryotherapy and radio frequency therapy.

3.  Make adjustments to your skincare routine

Now that your skin conditions have changed, so too should your regimen be adjusted. For mature skin, cleanse, tone and moisturize remain to be basic parts of your routine. You should add in regular sessions of exfoliation, anti-wrinkle cream that includes retinol or, if you prefer natural, arbutin, peptides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and coenzyme Q10.

Keep in mind that you may have to read up consumer reviews, including Plexaderm reviews, rather than have to try and test every product that you come across with. Beyond expensive, that can irritate your skin even more.

4. Deep treat at night

Whether it is an essence, a collagen serum or a hydrating face mask, remember that you can’t have too much moisture when you’re up against chronically dry, mature skin. Take note though that you should layer your products properly to get the optimal benefit that you can derive from each bottle every night. Layer by starting with your sheer serums and lotions first. Then, apply your thicker creams last.

5. Use a coverup  

Take advantage of  what your makeup can do for you. Using high quality products and well-performing cosmetic applicators, you should bee able to achieve a younger complexion using sheer makeup alone. Remember to take off your makeup before hitting the sheets. Also, it will be best to leave your skin clear and bare when there is absolutely no compelling need for you to put on your makeup.

6. Plate healthy meals for yourself

Getting the right foods to fuel your body can give you an edge over your wrinkles. When you load up on nutrients that matter to your cells, you are helping keep your cells active and running optimally to power up repair and regeneration. Regular exercise will help you make sure these nutrients reach your skin cells too.

7. Gift yourself with relaxation and sleep

Relaxing is not a sin. If you hardly have anything else going in your life other than work, make that your mantra. Set a bedtime and hit the sheets at the same time every night.

Steps To Keep Skin Well Maintain


Skin aging can be delayed but, will never be stopped. In the long run, then, what matters more is how gracefully you accept and carryon with your new reality.

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