What Is The Ideal Way To Prevent Photo Aging And Wrinkles?

In the words of Susan Obagi, an assistant dermatology professor at the University of Pittsburgh, photoaging is the kind of aging that is brought forth by too much exposure to the harmful UV rays. This, therefore, refers to all those aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines and discolored patches that will occur on the parts of the skin that are mostly exposed to the sun. Now, this type of aging has been found to be behind over 80% of aging signs in people and hence you should be wary of it. Do you know that this exposure can also cause skin cancer?

How do you protect your skin?

This is why you should ensure you have a foolproof prevention measure. Unless of course you don’t mind looking like you are 85 when you are only thirty years old, or you are not afraid of getting melanoma(that’s skin cancer by the way).

But how do you identify the best method? Simple: This kind of aging is caused by the sun rays so the ideal way to avert it would be by protecting your skin from the sun rays. This will ensure your skin does not come into contact with the sun rays and if it must, then it should be empowered to fight the harmful rays. The following forms of sun protection will go a long way in helping you escape this unnecessary torture.

1. Apply sunscreen

In the world over, beauty experts and dermatologists are advocating for the application of sunscreen whenever you have to work outdoors. This is in a bid to reduce the cases of skin cancer that have increased significantly especially in America. Unfortunately, however, most people have no heeded to this call and are instead brushing it off as just a mere marketing of the products.

However, DR Wang a skin care expert explains that sunscreen contains both organic and inorganic compounds that will help break down the UV radiation hence preventing its penetration into the skin. In addition, the sunscreen will help neutralize the reactive oxygen species hence preventing the damage of collagen. Now, it is only when you have enough collagen that your face will be able to cover fully those lines that are caused by facial expressions. This will in turn help ward off the formation of facial wrinkles.

He further explains that you should use a sunscreen with SPF of more than 15. Now, SPF is the factor that determines how long your sunscreen will last. For instance, it may take 12 minutes for your skin to get sun burnt while another may take 30 minutes. When you apply a sunscreen with SPF of say 20 on as kind with a tolerance of 12 minutes, you will be able to last for around 240 minutes before your skin gets burnt. Therefore, as you choose a sunscreen, purpose to purchase one with a high SPF as it will offer you more protection.

2. Cover up your body

Now a major shortcoming of sunscreen is that it wears off pretty fast. This means that you will need to keep reapplying in order to fully shield your skin from the sun. This can be a bit impractical especially if you are going out to the farm or if your sunscreen is finished. The good thing is that you can still protect your skin by wearing clothes that cover up your hands, neck and throw in a hat that will keep you face protected. In addition, it is important to always don sunglasses as research has shown that you may get cataracts if you constantly expose your eyes to the sun. The bottom line is that you should endeavor to cover up all those areas that are most prone to sun damage in order to avert photo aging.

3. Healthy diet

In the recent past, experts have discovered that you can improve your skin’s resistance to sun damage through the kind of food you eat. It has especially been noted that foods rich in antioxidants help make the skin resistant to UV rays. This has been explained that these antioxidants help break down the free radicals brought by the harmful rays. For example, a study done by a group of people showed that those with a high intake of vitamin C were less affected by the sun as compared to those whose intake was low, their skin types notwithstanding. This was interpreted to mean that Vitamin C (which is a top antioxidant) helps in sun protection. This is why you should up your intake of fruits and vegetables especially those with antioxidant properties in order to prevent photo-aging.


Photoaging has been identified as the force behind most aging signs and even skin cancer. This is why you should try your best to avoid it. The ideal form of protection from this menace will be found in sun protection strategies like sunscreen application, body covering, and a diet. This is because these strategies will help ward off the harmful rays and in so doing protect your skin from collagen depletion. This will help keep your skin firm and miles away from wrinkles.Most people prefer to use the product such as Revitaline for antiaging, but it's recommended not to use such products without consulting to your doctors.

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