Can you take the CIDESCO exam without going thru CIDESCO schooling? I am a licensed Esty and there are no schools anywhere around me for this. I am wondering if buying the books and taking some online courses to prep is an option??

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Amanda: It is an expensive feat.. you must purchase the criteria, and then go to an extensive training course the last I heard.. and then the actual exam is $5000 to take. I would not BANK on this info, since it has been awhile since I checked into it.. It may have gone down some, with the economic down turn.. I was directed to a place in Texas, who was well known for the exam. Contact ASCP and asks them. I am sure someone there can direct you correctly.

Last I checked you could challenge the exam if you have been licensed for at least three years.  You will also need to know massage and manicuring (Spa nails, I believe)...  If I were you, I'd "Google" CIDESCO, and see where their US web site is.  The information can be found there. 


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The closest campuses to you are in Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA that host a week long preparatory class and offer the examination.  When you purchase this course, the text books and a schedule of the week long class is sent to you so you will know what to study and prepare for.  If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact me direct.  Shelly Simpson CIDESCO  


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