Ok, so i have an issue that im not sure what to do about... I have a mom and her 6yr old daughter coming in for a facial...kind of a "mommy and me" spa day.. I have no clue what to use on a 6 yr old, if anything...i am a new esty, so any advice would be greatly appreciated...HELP!!! Lol

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I agree with you, but I could also see the benefit of inspiring the little one to healthy habits, and also the importance of keeping the mom as a client.  I feel like as long as the mom was in a position to supervise the little one, I would do something mild like what the other estheticians have described here.  Honey as a mask seems particularly benign, and it would open the door to talk about the importance of sunscreen.  

I would NEVER put something like this on my menu, though.  I think it would undermine the credibility of my establishment with adults seeking serious skincare.

I do professional skin care too but will do what I can to accomodate my clients, which includes treating their family.  Mom brings young daughter, then when older brother starts to develop acne she brings him in for a treatment. When grandma comes to visit, guess who they call to give grandma a nice relaxing facial?

What the hell! Start them young but of course keep the facial "experience" to a limit of 30 minutes for a child as young as six.  And yes you want to focus on the hands on experience not so much product! Some of my clients start training their daughters at a very young age to care for their skin.   This is a great experience for them to start good habits about personal care.  In the bay area where I live, life is so rushed and this affects the lives of children here.  Most of the moms that brings their young girls are very intelligent high powered women with great careers and their kids are all in private school with tons of stress.  This is at least one healthy treat for them to help them slow down and take care of their bodies.  I talk to my young clients about sunscreen, diet, school, bullying, stress and how to relax and exercise.  They listen.  You have an opportunity here to make a difference in someone's life.  Words and a loving trusting touch are powerful.

I have a client who brought her daughter to me at 9 years old and I was caught off guard at first but now three years later she's still getting monthy 60 minute facials with mom.  My young gal would squirm SO much at first and always had her Iphone in hand. Now she knows when she walks in my door the phone gets turned off! She falls asleep during the facial massage.

I think it just depends on how you want to run your practice...

For me, 6-yr olds are not my target market.  And I do not think it is an appropriate age for a facial...they are so little!

So - in order to stay in integrity ( I would not take my 6 yr old child into a spa), I would elect to pass on this.

I see too many new esthies who think that the client is ALWAYS right and try to do everything that the client asks for.  The truth is that you are the professional and as such you can elect to make the decisions on what is appropriate for each client. You have the right (and duty) to say no sometimes.

Each of us needs to make the decision on where our boundaries are, and what is appropriate for our own practice. I never said NOT to do the service - I said that "I" would not.  I think that other people reading the discussion need to see all viewpoints

Sorta/kinda related...

when I used to work at a spa a mom would come in for her facial and bring her young daughter in. The owner would have the nail tech give her a manicure. To me, and everyone else who worked there, the nail tech was being put in the position of being a glorified baby-sitter. 

The majority of day spas have age limits and ask that young children not be brought in, and have guidelines when accepting minors for services.  Private practice is certainly different in that you would not normally have other guests that might be disturbed by young children.

Hi Cindy!!

Yes I agree, we all need  to do what's right for our own practices.  I also agree that you can't always say yes to your client at every request. 



Ok, so my facial was a big hit with mommy and the little girl.. She had a great time and I think I enjoyed it as much as she did...yes, we do professional skin care, but I see nothing wrong with giving a little girl the memory of her first facial and getting to spending that quality time with her mommy... Her giggles were worth every minute of it... Thank you all for your wonderful ideas... In the end, the chocolate facial won big time!!! :-)

I am happy you did it. When you have some time,download my book"Skin and Beauty Wisdom " and see for yourself things we go through a life time ,in our profession without compromising our standards. 

This young girl will talk for a week about her "facial".

Good luck,if you said you enjoyed it,this means you love your profession.

yay! that sounds like such a great time.  I am sure the mom appreciated you taking the time for her young daughter and made them feel really special!

Hi Angel! I know this is an older thread and hopefully you still check this site! I also have a mom coming in for a treatment who's daughter is coming with her and wants her own little facial. I was just wondering what all you incorporated into the facial for you little client? 

I am on this site daily!! :-)
I made a chocolate facial using plain yogurt, honey and cocoa powder.... I used a lightly warmed steam towel to wipe face before hand and then applied mask for about 5 min... Did a little hand massage and removed mask and thats about it.. The attention span wouldnt last much longer than that... Lol...And I have had numerous little girls since then and they love it!! Hope this helps!! :-)
Yes thank you so much!
You are very welcome!! :-)

If you have a little mud to mix up, mix a little up with organic vinegar.  It'll be inexpensive and fun.


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