I would like to start offering hydra facials.  I was looking to purchase a machine, but they vary in price from $250 to $4000. Can anyone offer any suggestions, recommendations, or referrals? Does anyone use a hydra dermal machine?

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I am also interested in purchasing a hydra-facial machine but the ones I have found are around $25,000. Which machines are you looking at? Thanks!

I just googled hydrafacial. There are many machines listing as hydrafacial and hydradermal that are for sale now that are not the original hydra facial brand. The up side is you can choose whatever products you want to use. The problem is I can’t find any esti reviews and it’s difficult to choose based on sales pitches.
Hi jenn, I'm also trying to offer this but so far no luck on my end..

Have something like the hydrafacial if you're interested.....can email you more info

Look at zemits and glownar they are in that range and have sales

I use one from China. They make 6 in 1 and 5 in 1 machines. Do you know what kind of products you're going to use? Or just water?

I'm also trying to offer this but so far no luck on my end. Thank you so much.

I'm looking too. Considering the $2399 one here:



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