Needing feedback on the "Skin Resurfacer" or the "Skin Classic" equipment..

Can someone please tell me if these machines for removal of angioma's, age spot's, keratosis, and skin tags are effective and worth the investment??


Thanks so much,

Maribeth Freeman

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I would not go there...first check if your insurance covers it. Skin tags ? that's MD realm, at least in CA. I had a demo done once at a show and was left with a scar.
Thank you!

An esty did this on me...also left me scarred.

As far as the Skin Classic. I complete my certification on Monday. ASCP does cover this treatment for NY Estheticians. I called several Doctors, Nurses, Estheticians for feeback. I heard all positive things. Other machines I researched: LamProbe and ThermoLo. I choose Skin Classic because the training was more in depth. for more info in Skin Classic

If you like I can keep you updated once I have a chance to work with it more :)

Thank you so much:)
Hi Holly! I'm interested in the Skin Classic. Do you still love it?

Holly, keep us posted!


Again, nothing against doing new procedures but verify that is legal in your state and your insurance covers it. Also, I am just concerned that it is not up to an esthetician to decide that a brown/red, rough spot is not a cancerous or pre-cancerous lesion.
I also am getting ready to purchase the equipment.  I have decided to add on a nurse to provide this service.  Although I am cautious and thorough, I feel that a nurse is more qualified to make those decisions.  The training with the equipment is supposed to be detailed.  Insurance does cover it.  The state of Missouri is WAY behind other states in what an esthetician is allowed to perform outside a doc's office.  Be SURE you call and check with them.  This is truly a valuable service if you price it right.  Good luck with your decision!!

Skin Classic Update :)

Assuming your state allows it, assuming your insurance covers it... paramedical esthetics background or at least a few years of esthetics under your belt helps :) but is not necessary.

I just completed my Skin Classic Training yesterday. Stephanie Holvick, RN was wonderful. We worked on four models. We covered every aspect of the machine. We went over the only skin irregularities that can be treated. Moles are a no, no!!! There can be a little crusting of the skin. However it was not bad at all. I was very impressed. My models were thrilled. The skin classic is a fairly simple epidermal treatment. The skin will take days to a few weeks to completely heal, but that is not much different than a laser treatment. I did take Before and Post Treatment photos, I have asked my models to come back in in 2 weeks for another round of photos. If you need more details, call me 607-592-8222 Happy to assist. I am really glad I made this investment :)

As far as scarring, I only really can see how that would happen if your client picks at a healing scab. 

Thanks for the update Holly. Just a quick question: can you tell me what exactly you treated on these 4 models. 


Thanks again

Sure thing :)

Brown Hyperpigmentation Spots (raised and flat), face, chest, arms hands, Spider Veins around nose, cheeks, chin, Milia, Skin Tags (tummy, chest, neck) flat and ones with a stalk, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, face, clogged pores, face, fibromas on the face, angiomas on the face, chest, neck. 

If you have more questions, let me know :)


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