Needing feedback on the "Skin Resurfacer" or the "Skin Classic" equipment..

Can someone please tell me if these machines for removal of angioma's, age spot's, keratosis, and skin tags are effective and worth the investment??


Thanks so much,

Maribeth Freeman

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Hi Holly, just wanted to check back in with you to see how the Skin Classic is treating you and your clients. Are you coming close to breaking even? Are your clients satisfied and noticing results? What conditions have you found the Skin Classic working best on?

Have you had any "issues" or unwanted outcomes?  I know, a lot of questions.....

Thank you in advance for any insight.


Thank you Holly! My state does allow a Class II device.. and my insurance covers it as long as the state allows:) Thanks so much for your feedback! Ive talked to Stephanie.. was trying to decide between the Skin Resurfacer and the Skin Classic???

Holly will you please email me or post the before and after pictures of your clients? I would love to have a machine like this. How much is the cost? I have liver spots all over my legs and starting on my body. I am only 32. It's awful I will not wear shorts. Please let me know all you can. I am in SC. Tks

Hi Holly,

Wondering if I can call you as I just bought the Skin Classic from Stephanie, who is lovely, just would like to chat re: machine.

Many thanks.

Heidi Lenz

808 748-1448



I just purchased the skin resurfacer and have been trained. Yes it does remove all of the lesions you mentioned but they have to be "anchored" to the skin.  In other words not flat. You use a "probe" to dessicate the lesion almost like burning it off.  It will form a scab and fall off, no scars are left.  We have an open house scheduled to demonstrate and introduce this new service.  So far we have gotten alot of interest.  I think it will be worh our investment.  We are charging $200.00/15 minutes and this includes taking as many lesions off within that time frame.  Of course if the client has one or two lesions we will charge $25.oo/lesion.  Hope this helps.



Tina, could you please specify where you purchased the skin resurfacer from ? I'm sorry if you mentioned it in a previous post and I didn't see it. .. This machine sounds a lot like the Bovie or electro-cautery machine they use in surgery . I am also interested to know if this company provides regular maintenance after the initial purchase. Thank you
Thank you Tina! I looked into to both, and with the laws changing so frequently in our state, felt that the less expensive equipment may be a better investment for me.  I get jolted with new laws every time State Board comes in.. now it is no roll on wax in our state.. which i never used anyhow.. but did have a clean and easy small unit at a shampoo station.. :( I think they should have to inform you in writting b4 they count off for things.. however, the Class II is a go for now here:)

hi tina- which machine did you go with and how is it working for you? been researching and was told that all machines essentially are is the hyfrecator machine


Does anyone know if Class II devices are legal for estheticians to use in Wisconsin? I've searched our state web site & can find NO info at all. If they are legal, is there anyone out there using the Skin classic? This is the only device I am aware of. Are there any other devices which might be less expensive? Thanks!


I live in ohio- I know of an esthetician who has been using the skin resurfacer machine (, is where you can find one- I have done endless research on all types of these machines- and keep coming back to this machine- its $2495- one of the reasons I feel most compfortable with this as an esthetician is because it is a no needle probe machine so no need to ever enter skin- the other machines are basically electrology machines- this is from what i understand a different technology- as far as state board goes all esthy's I have talked to from ohio to california say the same thing- no direct answer from state board- insurance for machine is avail for about $280 a yr i have been told and avail through this skincare professional's association- anyway the advise i got was to be conservative with treatments if you dont know dont go there- work within your client base and dont put an ad or anything out there that will draw attention to service-  hope this helps- i am excited to eventually get one- saving up towards one now

OH MY! Mary have you tried Derma pen? They just called me the other day and I was considering buying one. Should I not do so? Is it a rip off?


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