In 2014, I'm planning to open this city's very first dedicated Waxing Studio, specializing in Brows to Brazilians! As an Entrepreneur and waxing enthusiast I've spent the last four years researching everything waxing. I have spent a small fortune building my own library of resources so when I interviewed my first Esthetician, I would be prepared.
With all of my focused energy on building my knowledge of this industry, I have a few unanswered questions and would like feedback from you dolls. Yes, I have reached out to the local schools, wined & dined the Directors, sent handwritten notes & emails to business owners in Arizona and Tennessee but sadly have been met with resistance.
My husband and I have found a location. This weekend we will have the inspection completed on the facility a cute 800 sqft commercial home that we will spend the next 6 months transforming into my Waxing Boutique!! Although I've found the location, I'm going to take the 6 months to really get the space ready. When we open, we are considering only being opened afternoon, as we are a small business venture NEW to this area.
We have found two talented Estheticians to join our staff. Both Esthy's work for a big box cosmetic store here in the city that offers brow waxing only. They have expressed their interest (by responding to my ad), and have verbally expressed their interest & commitment. These ladies currently work on hourly plus commission (selling the product line) and have a strong clientele base.
I've decided that offering a Commission split for both of these Estheticians is the best and most affordable option, as I really want a customized service, where we provide quarterly training (in house or travel), provide the products and the materials needed to properly reflect our passion for providing cotour brow service in a fun, ultra femme space.
Here's where I need your feedback... Pick a question to reply OR reply to all. 
(1) What are some of your interview questions
(2) Anyone working commission care to share what your employer percentage includes?
(3) Working commission are you paid weekly or bi-weekly, what you're preference?
(4) Did you sign a contract with your employer, if yes what were some of the terms?
(5) Choosing to open afternoon, what hours would you be open to start?
(6) Commission splits vary, but what's your commission and your locale?
(7) A really great Workshop is coming to the area, that I will be attending & that I'd like the two Esthy's to attend. We are considering paying for 50% of the workshop fees. The workshop will take place 6 months BEFORE we are scheduled to open, how would you proceed? 
(8) Does anyone have a Private Label Brow Pencil, Brow Gel, Brow Powder, Brow Highlighter Pencil that they love and retail? It not private label then who do you use?
(9) What POS system do you use? Would you recommend it?
(10) What are your MUST HAVE rules & regulations for your studio/salon/shop/business?
(11) Looking for a low minimum Esthetics Supply, any recommendations?
I really appreciate the discussions that will follow.
Candice Edwards


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Skip the 6 month buildout and start waxing as soon as you are licensed. While working on the boutique part, have the therapists bring clients through the back door... You can do this in a way that is cute and trendy, think waxing speakeasy. Then when your buildout up front is done, have your grand opening and give your existing clients something really special.

Your open hours will depend on your location (ie, college girls often don't wake before noon), but as long as your variable costs for having the doors open (receptionist hours, candles burning-money you would not be spending if closed) are minimal, more is more. See if one esthetician is more interested in mornings and the other more interested in evenings.

As for pay, commission is fine and standard, but you need to start promoting fast and make it clear they must also promote to get busy. You can have a revolving door if nobody is promoting.
Christine, thank you and I think that's a great idea. I have been purchasing items so we can actually move into the space and get started. Marketing is an important aspect, and your right start now.

FWIW - people who are not in the industry ("enthusiasts") seem to think that this is an easy business and that the money will just pour in.

The two spas that were purchased in my area by "enthusiasts" are now both closed.

Rather than try to glean info off the professionals here, you might do better to hire a manager or consultant.

Good luck!

Cindy, thank you.
Hi Candice, sounds exciting opening a new business. I wanted to ask did you get the names of private label company, and if so where are they located, I too do waxing and would love to have my own pencils. Lots of luck in your business. Keep us updated. Thank you, Denise

Hello Denise! This is a very exciting time for me. I'm finishing up school in May and I'm looking forward to owning my first business. While, I haven't gotten any new private label companies from this thread (yet), I have quite a few that I have had success with researching on my own, that offer customizing for Private Label.

(1), offers Private Label. Fill out a brief questionnaire and within 48 hours you'll receive an email from them.

(2), offers Private Label. Website a little bit more tricky to navigate. 

(3), offers Private Label.

Thanks for the encouragement and continued to success to you as well!

Hi Candice, don't worry its a lot of work in starting a new business, however it will pay off stay focused as to what you master and you will see it will get better. I am sure! you will do well. regards Denise oh thanks for the info 

Exactly. The name of the game is profits back to you and your family. Just because you have capital doesn't mean that spending it will improve your business. Sealing the deal with those pro waxers, getting them in, and getting them busy (WITHOUT Groupons/LivingSocial whose models do not fit with spa commissions) is key. If you can fund your buildout through real-time profits, just think how much more you'll be able to do with your business down the line.


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