As an add-on to services, I would like to offer a professional multi-functioning (yellow,blue,red green) LED light therapy device--preferably not just one that can be used on the face--but body as well (however, I do not want a full-body sized machine). Any particular devices that anyone would recommend?

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Do clients like LED treatments? Do they seem to work?

Look at for some interesting feedback

Hi Sandy!

I have come across too. Have you ever contacted them or purchased anything from them?



No-I’ve been looking at the POLY. I would be interested in your thoughts. I haven’t found a green panel on a light but the poly offers red-blue-yellow panels.

I use the Celluma.  It's all about the power and they do have different models.  I like the Celluma Pro, and the Celluma Lite which comes with stands to place over client's face.  I think the power of these lights is what gets the most results so when you are looking at options pay attention to the Nanometers.  Celluma is FDA cleared and can also be used for Pain.

Actually, you wouldn't use nanometers to gauge the power of an LED machine. Nanometers refers to the wavelengths. Also, you generally wouldn't want *four* LED wavelengths in a panel. It causes the spacing between each wavelength to be too far apart that results in poor coverage for any individual wavelength. As for me, I've been a huge fan of Dermawave who have been around forever and are about the only ones who design and make their own products. Most everyone else farms out production on the cheap. Most LED machines today, because of their popularity, are using regular home electronics LEDs. I've used DW products for around 15 years, several machine models, and they're all compatible with one another. They can also power a microcurrent head if that's also your thing. 
If one REALLY wants to know about LEDs, the machines and their differences -- and are willing to take the time to do so, then this is a must read (it's a long one):

Hello. I recently searched for a massager and came up with good options, there are devices with different LED light colors. I hope you can find there your own face massage machine


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