Does anyone do spa parties/mobile spas?  I am thinking of doing this but would like some input from others.  

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Hi Summerr, I used to do spa parties with 3 other girls that I worked with at a day spa. 

I did facials, one did nails, and 2 massage therapists. We had a website for it and all, we did some bridal show

events that we got a few parties from, but mainly word of mouth. It was alittle difficult because the 4 of us had

different opinions on how to expand. We  each worked independently and when we had parties each got

paid separately but it didn't go smoothly all the time. Tips would get messed up, people would change services.

We came up with a 5 person minimum, they had to sign a simple contract, and it was good. Until it got bad.

Two of us really wanted to get bigger, and the other 2 who were the massage therapists were abit annoyed if

they only had 1 massage at a party, but  I saw it as your still making $100! Basically we had 2 doing it all, and 2

who drifted. We are not friends anymore because of all the BS...but it's better that way, true colors come out.

My advice is to maybe hire and pay the girls yourself, so you have total control of bookings, scheduling,

and payout. I think that would work better. The parties were fun, lots of work, and lots to bring with you,

but I say at least try it, can't hurt. If your going to do solo spa parties, just you for facials, it may be alot

of work. I basically did mini facials. Good Luck!

Thanks for the reply! What set up did you use for facials? Did you just take basic products?

Hi, I took everything, my steamer, massage table, sheets, blanket,crockpot, products, and we set up in different parts of their homes, for example the nail station was out in the open with all the women chatting, eating and drinking, and I would do facials, in another room, so did the LMT's. we also had a color scheme, rose petals on the floor, we made it really pretty and home spa-ish! The money was good, we also had fun with our clients...ttyl

I used to work for Mobile Spa Los Angeles and we got lots of gigs and we charged very high end prices too! It was great for me, because my income from it was fantastic.   I think if memory serves me right (we charged over $100 for a pedicure and around $170 for a facial) I got a great commission split on it and good tips.... BUT the owner of the business who is still a good friend of mine found the business to be extremely difficult.  She got so tired of the drama from some techs that didn't show up for gigs or who cancelled on her last minute or who stole clients from her etc, etc.  She gave up the business after doing it for over 2 years as it affected her health.  BUT, that isn't to say it will affect your's or to put you off in any way!    If you are serious, i can put you in touch with her, so she can share more details with you.    We did a few t.v shows, the Emmy's etc, so her exposure was great.  She started from nothing.    Let me know and i can pass on her info (once she has ok'd it with me also) :)

I'd love to know more about this, too. Claire can you pass her info to me if she's ok with that?

I will msg her tonight and if she is ok with it I will most def pass her details to you.

I cannot send you a private msg with her email address (which she has just given her OK on) until you accept my friend request on here.  Once you accept it, i will message you with it!  Thanks! :)

I would love the info! Thanks so much!

Count me in! I would like to know about this as well. 

I realize this is an old forum, but I am a new member and reaching out for info on Home based vs mobile spa doing facials and or waxing in california. Any info you can provide would be great!

 It is illegal for you to offer these services in your clients' homes

7. I would like to offer spa/bridal parties in the consumers' home; is this legal?
No. Any type of service that is regulated by the Board needs to be performed by a licensee in a licensed establishment. Licensee's providing spa / bridal parties at an unlicensed location may be cited for Business and Profession Code 7317. Practice of Barbering, Cosmetology, or Electrolysis for Compe...which carries a $1,000 fine.

im a new esthetician and im very interested in being my own boss and do a mobile spa. i would love some information also any advice anyone can give as far as where to start and bout how much money do you need start a mobile spa. thanks in advance!


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