I'm looking for a good liquid foundation that is noncomedogenic and has great coverage for acne.  I already have a great powder mineral makeup that I custom-blend so I've got that covered.  But liquid? Any ideas?

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Hands down, I have to admit, my favorite liquid makeup to date is the brand new one from Image. I don't like many liquid foundations, they're too heavy feeling, or I feel like my skin isn't breathing, or there's too much or too little coverage, you know what I mean! This one is fabulous, and wears all day- still looks perfect after being on all day. I haven't had any congestion, and it's actually healthy for your skin. Studies have proven that using this foundation after a medium depth peel increased the healing/recovery time, while concealing the redness. I don't work for Image, but I do love their products. Just my personal input!

My personal favorite hands down is I-Conceal by Image. It is the best foundation I've ever tried and it would be hard to convince me to switch to anything else! It lasts all day, is oil-free, breathable, and has a built in spf 30. The coverage is awesome, and since I'm battling some lines here and there, it doesn't accentuate them at all the way other foundations I've tried have. I think it would be fabulous for acne coverage.

I also really love I-Conceal but I do find that acne prone skin cannot always tolerate the silicones.  Lycogel and Oxygenetix are both great breathable foundations with awesome coverage but they also contain silicones.  I can wear these foundations but not on a daily basis.  Love the feel and the coverage though!

I like bare minerals i heard a lot about image so I finally bought some at the Vegas show it was very expensive even at the discount price My husband hated it on me said I looked like a clown it was to thick and heavy he never criticizes anything I wear but I'd have to agree with him the makeup was to thick for my taste and to expensive glad it worked for you I gave mine away and the person I gave it too ended up throwing it away. Do you think something was wrong with the foundation or is it that thick for you?

No it definitely isn't that heavy on me or my clients so I wonder if there was something wrong with the one you bought.  I've worn mineral makeup for years and I'm used to the weightless feel and a more natural coverage.  For me, the Image I-Conceal gives a better coverage but without looking mask-like or feeling heavy and thick.  It does need to be applied with fingers and spread a little more than a normal liquid foundation.  But once its blended it should look and feel natural.  But of course everyone's skin is different and it may just not be the right choice for you.  If you have a rep in your area who can give you a sample I would encourage you to try it again.

I am personally very breakout prone:( Normally wearing liquid foundations have caused me to breakout with small pustules. I've been wearing MakeSense liquid foundation and I have not had any breakouts. I am thrilled. It is non-comedogenic. So now I'm using it in my Facial Spa. :) 

i adore lioele bb cream.  it has yogurt, and hyaluronic acid, spf 30 and lightens pigmentation.  so, it may be a great fit fot calming acne.  the coverage is super, but never looks heavy.  its should be pat into the skin, they sell a vibrating implement for application.  its a korean bb cream, and one of the best ivenused.  i always go back to it.

Zuii Organic Cosmetics!




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